Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leaving It Behind

In just a few hours I'll be heading to the airport for Bethel. Leaving my computer behind and replacing it with a fishing pole. I'm not a last minute person when it comes to traveling but as of yesterday I had NOTHING packed. So I was running around like a mad women last night. Jessa and I did end up going to Fred Myer as I didn't have any shampoo got me a new purse while I was at it. By 1:30 I was packed and in bed. One thing I hate about last minute packing is I then have a tendency to over pack. Oh well Im checking my bag anyway.

I'm excited to get to visit with the Bethel people and to see Bethel again its been five years sense the last time I was there. At 16 I saw a beauty in Bethel that I think most people wouldn't appreciate. I remember coming home and missing the seclusion that Bethel provided. There wasn't time to sit and watch tv or play on the computer. We had fish camp, fishing trips, Bro. Johnny even took us up in Cessna to one of the villages. That 2 week vacation was an experience of a lifetime for me. Now I get to go back 5 years later and I wonder if I'll still feel the awe and see the peaceful beauty that I remember Bethel to be. I'm ready for 4 days to leave Anchorage behind, leave the insane traffic behind, the ringing office phone behind and relax in God's creation, fellowship with His people and feed off of His word.

Have a wonderful weekend

I'll blog with you all on Monday :-D


Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

I really like the way you discribed Bethel. :)

Momma Tammi said...

Well...did you have the same feelings this time around? I do hope that you had an amazingly wonderful time.

The Middle J said...

amongst the rough waters, the pouring rain and the freezing cold I still saw the beauty that I believe God intended Bethel to be. There is such a peacefulness to it.

I had to stop myself a few times from wishing I could be that 16 year old again.

I had a wonderful time !!! I'll blog about it here shortly once i find what I've done with my camera so I can post pictures with it