Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time for another post I suppose

Again really nothing interesting other then my photography and even then it may not interest everyone. I've got several weddings and photo shoots this summer that Im excited about. Im really excited about Ladies Retreat, Camp and Convention this year but even more so I'm SOOOOO excited about the Assembly it seems so far away and in reality thats okay.

My life isnt all that exciting so heres something to look at that truly excites me- my favorite photos from the last two months

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've Been Told I Need to Post

I was reminded that it was not Christmas anymore and I need to change over my blog. Now please dont take this as deciding I'm blogging regularly now. I personally love facebook and its easy mobile access between that and my photography website there is no keeping up. I knew it would happen sooner or later that I would lose interest in blogging. I still read regularly though even if I dont comment.

So that all being said I figured what better time to change over my blog then now. One can not possibly get tired of looking at that precious sleeping face.

Thats right thats my beautiful niece. Savannah Lynn- life seems a little sweeter with her in it. Which is funny that even after hearing her test her lungs late at night that I can say that. There is no denying how adorable and precious she is.

Outside of the fact that Savannah entered the world. Wed. was quite the adventure as Dad, Levi, Jes and I waited in the waiting room from 2:30am to nearly 2:30 pm. Every aspect of that day will forever be a memory to cherish. Once things get a little more normal I'll take some more pictures and try to remember to post them for those in blogville to see.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas to All!!

I Just Wanted to Wish One and All A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Call Me a Slacker

I've got 4 folders of pictures to share

~ Our Winter Wonderland Jake Frost style

~ Youth Christmas Party

~ Christmas Dinner at Church

~ Work Christmas Party (The Formal Daddy Daughter Date)

but none of that tonight... Tonight I've got a reason for slacking- a migrain. Those things don't fight fair ...

So tonight I'm just asking for prayer and hopefully tomorrow Ill win and be able to share quit the busy last couple weeks with you

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Grown Up Christmas List

It seems this sickness is a national thing. Yesterday start with a headache (which is not uncommon for me) and then this morning it was a headache w/ sinus pressure but worse was my eyes. They were swollen and sore and I wanted to scratch them out of their sockets as they were so dry. As the day went on the achyness set in and the sinus pressure built up. I got off work an hour early and just in time as the chills set in. Matt came over and jokingly put his ice cold hands around my neck. Man did it feel good but he didnt keep them there long as he said I was burning up. I thought it was just me. All in all I just feel miserable. With the lack of energy and motivation to move my lame self off the couch I did some Christmas dreaming. I've realized my Christmas list has gotten rather grown up and with uh I guess grown up prices. Actually beyond most grown up prices.

In no order of importance or amount of want.

I need a new point and shoot. Mine faced the brutality of my drivers seat. It feel under it and the screen must of gotten crushed when it got adjusted

This is one of those things that dont come with a high price tag I've just had a hard time finding. Its a high def. lens filter. Average filter size is 55mm or 72mm but mine is a 62mm and either Im not looking in the right places or they just arent as popular. But this is near #1 on my list. The enhancement on a picture from it is awesome.
This is both a want in a need. It will help improve indoor shooting. A huge assist when it comes to the Assembly.

This is a Jill-E camera laptop bag. Can we say totally cute. I love my shoulder sling for my camera but there is nothing feminine about it. Its trendy and yet practical. It will hold one body, four lenses, and a plethora of accessories AND up to a 17" laptop. The best part it has four small wheels and pull out handle so it can go from a shoulder bag for the first day of the assembly and a roller for the next 4 when it becomes annoying to carry around all the time. Its is nearly perfect !!! Only thing is this bag is about $300.00 :-/ Yeah I wont be getting this for Christmas haha
Then something Ive been wanting for the last two years. Last year I bought my camera instead and then this yrs pfd bought my phone and paid bills. The price on this beauty is nearly $2000.00 again NOT GETTING THIS FOR CHRISTMAS but I can dream can't I lol . In case someone isnt familiar with this wonderful piece of technology its the Apple Macbook Pro- oooh the photography editing I can do with this *sigh* someday

Yup thats my Christmas list and haha none of it will be under the Christmas tree. Oh well

Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Wednesday night brought the snow. We came out of the restaurant and the snow was falling hard and fast but it was still so pretty. I love it when it snows here as it usually means its warmed up. Like right now its trying to snow and it 31 degrees. I love it.

Anyway we came back to the house to play some Wii games. Matt got a little feisty and thought it clever to throw a snowball at me. He'd have regretted it had it hit my camera :P

This was actually Friday the pictures got out of order. I woke up to feeling like I was living in a snow globe. The snow was coming down in large flakes that fell so gracefully.

This was Thursday. After a large yummy meal Matt, Mom and I went for a walk it was a bit nippy but so beautiful.

I excluded this one because its just too funny. Mom decided she wanted to go over to the play ground. I turn around and she's laying down on some snow covered steps. Matt took my camera and hopped up on the hand rails and stood over her to take the picture. Just watching the two of them was hilarious its probably one of those you had to be there moments.