Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Wednesday night brought the snow. We came out of the restaurant and the snow was falling hard and fast but it was still so pretty. I love it when it snows here as it usually means its warmed up. Like right now its trying to snow and it 31 degrees. I love it.

Anyway we came back to the house to play some Wii games. Matt got a little feisty and thought it clever to throw a snowball at me. He'd have regretted it had it hit my camera :P

This was actually Friday the pictures got out of order. I woke up to feeling like I was living in a snow globe. The snow was coming down in large flakes that fell so gracefully.

This was Thursday. After a large yummy meal Matt, Mom and I went for a walk it was a bit nippy but so beautiful.

I excluded this one because its just too funny. Mom decided she wanted to go over to the play ground. I turn around and she's laying down on some snow covered steps. Matt took my camera and hopped up on the hand rails and stood over her to take the picture. Just watching the two of them was hilarious its probably one of those you had to be there moments.


Vicki Smith said...

Thanks, Jenna, for the lovely pictures of snow and snow fun. Seeing snow first hand is only a faint memory to me now. *wiping a tear*

The Middle J said...

I must admit untill this weekend I truly was starting to feel like I would enjoy somewhere warm and potentially snowless. But waking up Friday morning looking out the window and seeing the snow fall so softly and peacefully I was reminded how much I so love winter. That bluish tint picture in the middle of just the trees and the snow is probably one of the few times I feel like the picture didn't capture the true moment.

Vicki Smith said...

The picture is gorgeous, and for someone like me who has an active imagination, plus lots of former experience of the REAL thing, I can imagine I'm there. I can see the incredible fluffy flakes drifting downward and hear the hush of the moment. *ahhhh, nice momentary winter vacation*