Monday, October 15, 2007

A Chatterbox's Ramblings

This weekend was a huge improvement on my week -lol not that it would take much ~haha~

I spent the weekend at mom and dad's and got me two good nights worth of rest. Which I needed. Friday evening and Saturday morning I spent a good bit of time trying to get my ticket for Thanksgiving to work. I hate mixing stand-by flights with a bought flight because there is so much to take into consideration. I finally found a combination that worked though it shaved off half a day with Gracie and her family. Instead of leaving out Sunday morning I'm leaving out late afternoon on Sat. but I'll take what I can get over nothing at all. I may end up spending all of the Sunday after Thanksgiving in the Seattle airport but again I'm not gonna complain because I get to go. I even prepared my boss for the worst- me not getting on a flight until Monday morning she said that was fine just to keep her updated. I got an amazing price on my ticket- it was about $120 less then what I was planning PTL and I get to go to Reno, NV never been there before so that oddly excites me. ~haha~

Jo left for Bethel on Saturday night after work- Matthew took her- she calls me and told me she was a big girl now lol- I forgot that this was her first time flying by herself so I had to laugh at that I asked her to call me when she got there just in case mom and dad called to check up on her and I could let them know she made it safely. She called a few hours later from Zay's and I could tell a Halo war or something along those lines was going on.

Matthew came back to the house after dropping Jo off and I watched a movie while he worked on his computer and picked on my dumb movie lol

It was a very relaxed Saturday I loved it and I needed it. Oh and I got to research camera filters... I learned a lot - just before I leave for Thanksgiving I'm going to purchase a Diffusion filter which will give the picture that portrait look. :-D

Sunday was odd being the only one in my family at church but I knew my parents were enjoying their time together they deserved it and no doubt Jo was having a blast. Jes works Sunday mornings so that wasn't abnormal. We had a great Sunday School - I think Jeremy did a good job getting participation from us young adults something I still struggle to do. After church Josh, Jackie and I went to Casco to get a pizza and then went and picked up a couple movies. We got Premonition which I think that movie is awesome because it makes you so mad because you can't figure out whats going and then you have that "AH" were the light bulb goes off (*DINK* ) and you got it figured out and then the movie ends and its not the way you want it...its awesome. I've seen it several times and so i get a kick out of others not getting it. Mom and Dad showed up early and shared with us about their trip. Then Josh, Jackie and I went to Cell One and got a replacement card for my phone. I didn't find my other phone but I still had my original brick phone so I'm back to being connected with the world.

Jessa and I went to Arby's after church and she was on the phone with dad and out of no where she hands me the phone and say there's a guy on the phone but I think its Gracie....Last time I checked Grace didn't sound like a guy LOL so I was rather confused and even more confused to actually find that there was a guy on the other end. Jacob (Shular) called me...first person I got to talk to sense getting my phone back. He and I chatted for awhile before having a good heart to heart girls talk with Gracie. It had been about two weeks sense talking to her and about 4 days sense I had been able to text her. I hadn't had a chance to sit down and send her a novel size email and so we had a lot to catch up on. I can't ever be with out my phone again.

I finally got to sleep in my own bed last night which made me even more happy... even though I walked into my room and saw the mass of laundry I have to do. In talking to Gracie last night I came up with a solution to my laundry problem....stop buying clothes and I wouldn't have so much to wash. My theory of going several weeks with out doing laundry because I have enough clothes to do so is very very bad logic.

My day was rather dull... I worked out with Whitney on my lunch break. I feel it but that could be I was the only one there for most of it so I had Whitney's full attention and there was no slacking off. Him and those dumb flamingo he loves so much. I don't even know how to explain how to do them. Its one of those things I'd have to show you .....but they work I feel it my uh backside lol thats kind of the point I guess. Tomorrow is James circuit training class - I'm gonna die- but hopefully by March I'm gonna be good looking dead person :-P . I figure if I do 3 days of circuit training either by going to James or Whitney's class and two days of light work outs I'll drop the weight I need to by Grace's wedding and be toned too.

I don't know what is going on in the hotel today but this place is busting at the seams with Army guys. Army guys and foreign speaking men in suits a very odd mix but they are every where its seriously been a good 20 minutes or sense Ive seen a female...odd...not complaining but odd :-P

Considering this has turned into one very chatty long post all end on that rather random note lol

Luv ya'll !


Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Premonition, is that the one where her husband "dies" and her days are all mixed up? Glad that you got your phone and camera back. :) Tell Micah I said "HI"