Friday, December 14, 2007

Its Been a Good Day

This morning I woke up rather awake and doing okay. We had a wonderful Department breakfast. I do work with the best group of people. I've got some great pictures. We got our Christmas bonus, a water bottle from the club (I now have two and thats AWESOME) and then we got a gift card from my boss and our Accounting Controller. I'm so thankful for my job without a doubt this is where God has me.

So that I wouldn't go into overtime for my normal job I took an hour lunch and went to the mall to do some shopping. I never made it out of JCPenny. I got another AMAZING deal on Dad's gift. If you recall last Christmas I got him a sports coat that was originally $99.95 for $33.00. Well this year I topped it but you'll have to wait till after Christmas to find out :-D

On the way to the mall.... (oh wow someone just tipped us $10.00 each nice) sorry I'm working tonight but more on that later. I called dad to see if he and I were still going to go shopping for mom. Yay Father Daughter shopping I love it :-D as much as I want to go snowboarding I'll pass that up - I want to spend sometime with my Daddy. Plus I love when he's shopping for mom he comes up some of the cutest ideas and tries to be creative and actually succeeds- In my opinion anyways. Its so cute I love it :-D

One would think I'd be dead right now after only getting 8 hrs of sleep in a 24 hr period of time but I'm doing good. Katie and I are chill together. We work very well together. The night started off crazy busy and Katie's boyfriend and his awesome friend showed up with dinner from Uncle Joe's Pizza- Can we say yummy. I'm going to make sure mom and dad try it I think they'll like it. Then Dave and Begget left and so Katie and I popped in a movie, and paused to watch the fun, help the guest, and just enjoy ourself. Cris one of the servers brought us these really good drinks. It was fresh orange juice, pineapple juice and the slightest bit of cranberry juice blended together it was cute because then he tipped us hehe.

Every second of the 20 hrs I worked Banquets was worth it. I had fun, I got to meet some really cool people not only guests but my fellow employees that I would other wise never meet...well except for on Tuesday :-D We're about to clean up, tally up and close up. Maybe we'll get out of here before 12am....

Its 12:30 I'm home, curled up in bed and more thankful then ever for this opportunity to put in some extra time- last night I made $26 and tonight I made $32 in tips and then the $10 from the cheap bankers. Thats money I get to walk home with which is nice because pay day is still 7 days away. See God provides :-D

I'm turning out the lights and catching up on my sleep ... Sweet Dreams