Thursday, January 24, 2008

Its Been a Long Week

Monday seems like it was ages ago. I'm not even sure I remember all that I've done. I know the main thing is work- its been extra stressful and I wish I could say I've handled it well but a time or two it became so tempting to strangle a co-worker - but was informed by a friend that wouldn't be such a good idea. I've had a hard time sleeping the last couple nights and I think that played a big role in my body not being able to fight off this nasty cold thats been going around. Last night it put me to bed by 6pm I missed church and from the sounds of it some really good fellowship. I know in the end though its what my body needed. I probably should have called into work but the thought of knowing I have so much to do before month end wouldn't have given me a restful day so I figured in the long run there would be no point.

Is it Friday yet?? Bummer

Oh I do remember one thing from this week that was awesome. Dad, Mom, Jo and I went Outback and then to Burlington to do a little shopping. I love more and more spending actual time outside of the house with my family. Its like we've been doing a little more of that. I made out like crazy without spend crazy amounts- I got me Ralph Lauren Polo sweater for $8.99, a black, blue and green argyle sweater for $7.99 , a flouncy skirt that I was able to pair with a blazer I already owned for $7.99 and then two pairs of heals. One pair was a round toe black pair with a smaller heal then I normally wear but wasn't about to pass up the price of $14.99 and the other pair were dark brown square point heals - my first pair of actual pointy shoes. They don't look like witch shoes though :P the best part is they were on clearance for $4.99. Hello can't pass that up. I would say what the original price tag says but when it comes to Burlington I'm not to sure if its right I think they just want you to think you are getting an amazing deal. I mean you are but like my brown shoes the tag said it was originally 89.99 on clearance for $4.99 I don't know if I believe that. I'm happy no matter what.

Thats about the extent of my week. As Grayson tells me on a regular basses "Sounds Boring" :-P Don't feel bad if you agree with him - cuz I do all of the time LOL

Love you All