Monday, February 18, 2008

"No Brains No Pains"- Mom

I haven't done this in a LONG!!!!!!! time- I allowed a really good book to keep me up. I kept saying to myself I'd put it down when 1am came and then again when 2am rolled around and then again when 3am rolled around. Finally said Im just going to finish this book because if I think I'm going to put it down before then I'll just be wasting time looking at the clock.

Finally at 4:22 am I turned the last page of Fancy Pants by Cathy Marie Hake

Under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been an insane thing to do considering I'm suppose to have today off but in order to make up for one of the 6 days I have off w/out pay coming up I arranged to work.

I'm still young for a few more weeks...haha... I should be able to function on just 4 hrs of sleep

Off to my office- that I have all by myself for the day- YAY

Wait no I think I'll stop and get me a wonderful yummy White Chocolate Mocha first

Have a great day


Meg said...

If the book that good? What is it about?

I need to get some new books for the trip up there. I have three, but that won't be nearly enough. I'd like to have 6 at least.

Oh- I tell you the author that you need to read! Deanna Gist. SOOO good. I have her first book, A Bride Most Begruding. I'll have to let you read it once I get up there. Think you can wait a month?

I'm planning on buying the next book before I leave, though, so you'll get to read that one too.

The Middle J said...

I have 3 of Gist books "A Bride Most Begrudging" "Measure of a Lady" and "Courting Trouble" Gist books are a good read but I think she shouldn't be categorized as Christian Fiction

Its been ALONG!! time sense I've stayed up all night reading- granted I had some aid of a few glasses of ice tea but still its one of the best books Ive read in some time.

Fancy Pants
by Cathy Marie Hake

Breaking her arranged engagement, Lady Sydney Hathwell contacts a relative in Texas for a change of scenery. Confused by her name, Uncle Fuller invites his "nephew" to his ranch. When Sydney arrives in appropriate disguise, boss Tim Creighton determines to turn this "mincing fop" into a man! What happens when her true identity is revealed?

Its HILARIOUS! and she has put in it a wonderful Salvation message.

Other books by her that have become favorites to my book case are her books "Letter Perfect" and "Forevermore" I'm in search of "Bittersweet" its book that comes after "Letter Perfect"

I've got a good list going of new authors that I'm wanting to read. Thus far all that Ive chosen have been GREAT!