Sunday, May 04, 2008

Photography Portfolio

So if you go look at Megan's blog she did an A-Z thing with her photos. Trying to find a picture to fit each letter of the Alphabet. Considering she wasn't able to do it with her full collection of photos but only what she had on Ringo. I didn't pull out my external hard drive thats full of my photographs. So I did the same and quickly realized that was going to limit my choices but managed to do it. Though I know I have some that truly would work better but I'm happy with it. So heres my photography portfolio A to Z.

please excuse the typos I closed the website before checking it over.


Vicki Smith said...

Very impressive! The one that stood out the most to me was "view." That was just really neat--the binocular thingie in the foreground and the fuzzy background. That shot was taken between Anchorage and Portage, wasn't it?