Friday, October 24, 2008

Can't Always Have Good News

I got my license today- pretty good picture- I can't complain I've seen people with worse pictures.

As exciting as all that was it got squashed. The bank didn't except my request for the Saturn.

Its no fun being able to drive with nothing to drive :-(

I guess you win some and lose some but its discouraging even if I try for it not to be.

There is a car out there for me just dont know where


Vicki Smith said...

Sorry you didn't get the car you wanted, but I'm SO HAPPY you got your license! WA HOOOO!!!!!!!

Tammi said...

Congratulations! Cars are sort of like prospective husbands...God has the perfect one out there for you...just because it appears to be the one you WANT doesn't necessarily mean that is the one that HE wants you to have. Keep that excitement and know that God will lead you to the car that you need.

The Middle J said...

LOL thats one way to put it hehe

though I hope he'll lead me to a car faster then he's lead me to a husband :P

Tammy Washburn said...

ha! Sis. Tammi!
Except you can TRADE IN a car when it get's cranky!!!! ;) :)

J Nowling said...

Amen to both Tammi(y)s.