Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm Back

I think my family was the only ones that knew I was gone. I'm not even sure if mom knew I went away for the weekend.

Friday I was coming back from the Womens Club and Nicole was heading out of the office and said bye and she was going camping. I told her I was jealous and have a good time *big grin* She out of no where says come with me. Once I found out she was serious I called dad just to make sure he was okay with that. She drove me by the house to get a few things and to let Dad know I wouldn't be in church Sunday morning that it was her church camp and it got out around noon. Ran by the apartment to pick everything else up and then head to the Solodanta area. Thats all she kept saying well by the time we pulled into Sterling and she told me to read the next set of directions I realized it was at the very camp we had ours last month.

I had a wnderful time. I got to meet new people and talk with them about God and some of them no doubt in my mind that they are Christians. There were alot of young families there which ment TON AND TONS of little kids- majority being under the age of 5. I loved it! I got to play softball- though with young kids that was interesting lol. I also got to go canoeing which I LOVED. Their pastor was an interesing fellow- his preaching was even more interesing hehe but I enjoy their time of worship. The worship leader looked like Jeremy Camp himself and was equally as talented.

Camping in Alaska is weird- we tented it btw-because even though the days are gettng shorter it never really gets dark its just dusk. Which made for a fun adult only softball game but not so much for sleeping. The young lady I went with is a single mom and I just loved being around her little girl. She made the mornings even early because thats her routine but it was camp you're not suppose to sleep in so I can catch up on that sleep later.

I don't know how much I'll be blogging. With work I'm trying to clear off my desk before going to Bethal which is a wonderful challenge to push me t get things ahead for my department instead of just making it ontime. I hate it and I'm sure the club attendants won't like me to much this week as I push them to help me make this needed goal hehe. Plus my Grandm is coming tomorrow, Tuesday, Wed I don't know she'll be here soon anyways which means cleaning. I know she'll want to see out apartment and I dont know the condition it is in now but when I left it really wasn't Grandma approved. Plus Sis Annette will be staying with us on the 16th - PARTY! She has a really long layover and so consider La Casa De Nowling is booked Jes and I said come stay with us. Then as you all already know its off to Bethel for revival and then back home for more revival and hopefully some sight seeing and whatever else Jeremy wishes to do while he's up here.


Vicki Smith said...

Hmmmmm...I can see there's no spare time for you to work on a new template for me. Oh well. I hope you get all your work done on time and that you enjoy the visit with your Grandma!

cokelady said...

Sounds like you've got lots going on, as usual! Better busy than bored. ;-)

The Middle J said...

Sis Smith your template is almost done I PROMISE!!

Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Last min. trips are so much fun. Glad you were able to go. That picture with the rainbow is very pretty.