Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sigh- I think this was my twin today. As much as I tried to fight the grumpiness I dont know really who won. As the stress built up the less I felt like I was winning. By the end of the day I think I won but grumpy here paid revenge with a headache :-P

Well its off to Church and then sleepy- oh that makes me I happy- I LOVE sleepy hehe

9 days until I get a vacation day HALLIJUAH


Vicki Smith said...

Be HAPPY today--ALL day!

cokelady said...

Or you could shoot for Dopey. ;-)

Wanda said...

Hey how come you got my picture up there?

Wanda said...

Oops! That was me, Sis. Net. I didn't realize that I was posting under my moms blog.
Shhh! Don't tell her.LOL! :0)

Momma Tammi said...

I used to be Grumpy, now I'm Goofy...oh wait, he's a dog, not one of the Seven Dwarfs. ~hee hee~ Oh well! Come on kiddo...grin, giggle, start to wiggle...sing with me now...if you're happy and you know it, say amen, amen. If you're happy and you know it, say amen, amen. When the Spirit starts to move you, shout Hallelujah! If you're happy and you know it, say amen, AMEN! Now don't you feel better?! Sure ya do!

The Middle J said...

I DO!!! LOL!!!

Today was HORRIBLE!!! but not nor more hehe Ya'll are hoots

I'm so glad I walked away from my desk to take a break and check my blog. I went from about to cry to laughing


Grinning, Giggling we'll leave the wiggling out hehe

You're the best Momma

Momma Tammi said...

Anything to help! Just wanna be a blessing. *in my best Eyore voice* ~big smile~ Glad you are feeling better!