Friday, July 13, 2007

Rather Random Beware

I've got a little time to blog while I wait for Mom to pick me up.

Yesterday really was a really horrible no good very bad day and thats not being dramatic either. It got to the point I push my chair out from underneath my desk, grabbed my computer and walked out of my office. The only thing I could do was remove myself from the situation and hope that when I got back that I had my head and emotions under control. Customers can be so rude and mean and its uncalled for. I was walking up the stairs praying for some encouragement somewhere and it may seem small but ya'll's comments gave me a great big smile. At that point I was determined to kill the person with kindness deal with the problem and move on. I did just that. I actually can't say that my day was 100% horrible because Grandma, Jo and Barb (my grandma's friend) met me for lunch and so there was that reprieve in my day

Today I had my mind made up that nothing was going to be allowed to change my good mood. I had a wonderful nights worth of sleep and I was just in a good mood - 9 hrs later I'm still happy :-)

What makes me even happier is in less then 7 days I get to get away for the weekend. Yes thats something to rejoice about.

I did some shopping on my lunch break got me a new jacket(it'll be perfect for being out on the river in Bethel)and a birthday gift, forgot to get a life jacket bummer. Speaking of birthdays Joleesa's 18th birthday is coming up.... I don't know if I've mentioned it here recently but I dont want her to turn 18- think I have a say in it- yeah didn't think so. I haven't figured out what I'm gonna get her. Her birthday is during the revival so I'm sure something special will be done at church or after church. *shrugs*

I'm eligible for health insurance at work now- eye care is included in that which is a huge answer to prayer because I need new glasses. I've got a couple scratches in my glasses that when I'm on the computer I find myself looking over or under them- thats something you do when you have bifocals. I think its time for new glasses lol

I'm so sorry for the randomness- its kind of the way my day has been. Just random

Well not sure what is planned to do this rainy day- kinda hoping we'll couch potato it tonight *shrugs*

Have a WONDERFUL weekend

I'll close with a prayer request. One of the ladies in our department her grandson was over in Iraq. A road side bomb struck their humvee and he's now lost his eye, and the shrapnel has torn the right side of his face apart. The doctors induced a coma so he could moved to Germany. I haven't heard a recent update today but to my knowledge he's taken a turn for the worse. His name is Michael and he's Pam's only grandson if you could pray I know it would mean a lot to her.


Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

So good to hear that you had a good day. :)

Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Where are you going for vacation? Bethel?

The Middle J said...

Yup- we've been given free hours where we can go home early and get paid but Ive saved them up so to the point that I have a full day off. So next Thursday after work I'll take the last flight out to Bethel and then come back on Sunday afternoon

Momma Tammi said...

Hey, I went to Daiso Japan tonight while everyone else headed to glo-golf and I picked up some chopsticks for ya. Not sure if you will like what I got, but I thought they were cool. ~giggle~ I'll either mail them to you or bring them to the Assembly. Any preference?

The Middle J said...

that glo-golf place that we saw in the mall that we said we be awesome to go to- aww that still sounds fun lol

whatever works for you- THANK YOU !!!

Yup you are the best haha

Momma Tammi said...

The glo-golf was fun, but it was so very hot in there...UGH!

I guess you'll figure out which worked best when you receive the chopsticks, huh?! ~giggle~