Sunday, July 29, 2007

Was It Worth Waiting For

Okay I'm gonna bring you back in time just a little over a week. Its Thursday (July 19) and I'm sitting in the ANC airport getting annoyed that they keep delaying my flight by a few minutes here and there. Out of boredom I walk over to the magazine stand and the only thing appropriate to purchase and look at was a bridal magazine I figured it would solve my issue of boredom and Megan could put it to use. Im sitting at my gate waiting for my flight and this sweet little Eskimo women comes up to me and says "Are you going to Bethel" I politely answered "Yes, Ma'am I am" she made a tsking noise and said " Those shoes wont do." I laughed and she walked away. High heels really don't work in Bethel but hey I was coming from work. Why do my shoes always bring me attention lol

By the time I got to Bethel service was already over and I thought Megan was gonna attack me as she came running the second I walked in the door. Turns out it was just out of enthusiasm for going to Fish Camp. I was happy with that... I love being out on the river. I was ready to ditch my work clothes- heels in all- for jeans, tennis shoes and a tshirt.

Friday Aunt Annette and I went to AC and did a little shopping. I had forgotten to bring pj bottom appropriate to walk around in so I bought me a pair of work out pants that are worth every penny. Not only are they mucho comfy but fit just the way I like as well. After a wonderful lunch with the Cabales it was game time. I'm a very competitive person when it comes to card games and do not like losing but I got a good lesson it due to the fact Jeremy heartlessly beat me at Phase10 :-P I did in return beat him at IBuy but as he pointed out real quick add both game scores together he still beat me. (I did end up gaining back my winning status a couple nights ago) The one problem with waiting to blog is I honestly can't tell ya what Jeremy preached that night. After 9 messages I can't honestly say that I know what day he preached what...sorry man :S

Some how Saturday morning I ended up cooking breakfast at the Sutton's. I blame that on Jeremy though he denies making the suggestion :P After breakfast it was time to fish. It was fun but it was cold, Ive never been so cold before. I was bundled very well from the waste up but didn't think about layering below the waste.... lets just say wet jeans can make things a bit miserable. Bro Rusty seemed to have an enjoyable time according to him I'm rather good entertainment :P He got several laughs at my expensive- glad I could be of service lol Jeremy and Bro Rusty

both caught 2 Pike each. :P We got back in time to get ready for church. I was so cold though that the hot shower actually hurt my cold limbs. I ended up curling up on the couch afterwards and took a nap while everyone else continued to get ready for church.

After service we played a group game of Cranium in which I have a rather HILARIOUS video clip of Mr Jeremy trying to get his team to guess the word "love seat" via charades and one of mom trying to get Bro Rusty to guess a song by humming. I haven't decided wither to post those or not. I'm not big on group games (games that require teams) and to add to it I just couldn't get past being cold and tired I had a hard time getting into the game but it was great fellowship and I got to hang out with Zay. Sunday morning concluded the Bethel revival and after lunch at Subway it was off to the airport. We were sent off with love as the Suttons, Zay, Sis Connie and them all came to the airport to say good bye which was really nice. Then it was an hour flight back to ANC poor mom was towards the back all on her own where as Jeremy and I randomly got put in the same row with each other so it made for a fast flight.

The three of us had a few hours to sit back and relax before heading off to church again to open the revival here in ANC. I do remember the message that night- Jeremy spoke on what price we are willing to pay to serve Christ. After service all the youth came back to the house and we played games. I was really tired and out of it that when I crawled into bed that night I think my body rejoice for the sleep but I know I didn't get enough to make up for the late nights in Bethel nor did I predict the late nights this week.

I think I'll do this in 2 parts and make an early night of it considering my movie buddy has ditched me tonight :-P and after hiking to the top of Flat Top everything in me is begging for some sleep.

oh BTW- Sunday School, Song Service and the Mom's message all went very well this morning as did my service tonight. Thank you for your prayers. It made for a fun and interesting Sunday morning... though I learned something today- no more making deals with Jeremy :-P


Vicki Smith said...

Hey, girl! It's nice to hear from you and to hear what all's been going on. I've missed your blogs. You used to be Miss Faithful! I could always count on you for a fresh blog. I hope you get over the hump soon and get back to regular blogging.

Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Enjoyed that. :)

Is Jeremy still there?

The Middle J said...

yeah Jeremy is here until late Tuesday night.

having company kind of takes away blogging time and then being so tired and sick zap all energy that blogging kind of becomes the last thing you want to put what little energy you have into it. But I'm back

Momma Tammi said... more making deals with Jer? ~hee hee~ He usually comes up smelling like a rose when he initiates a deal so beware! ~giggle~

Great post. Brother checked out your pictures on Ringo. You got some great ones of Jeremy. Thank you!

cokelady said...

Great post, Jenna. I just now got a chance to read it--finally. It's great to hear all about what you've been up to!