Saturday, July 28, 2007

No Routine this Sunday

With Bro Dad being sick he's asked Sis Mom to preach which would mean if we went by regular Sunday routine I'd open S.S. turn it over to mom who then at the end of SS turn it back over to me for me to turn it back over to her for S.S. who would then turn it over to herself to preach. That wasn't to appealing to her. I'm still trying to figure out how this happened but I'm teaching Sunday School tomorrow.... Jeremy is going to lead song service... and then mom is going to preach. In a sense Jeremy and mom are switching places lol....

Today was a blast I've got some awesome pictures. I even have proof Momma that Jeremy took pictures but thats gonna have to wait its time for our nightly movie- tonight its Remember the Titans. Last night it was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers :-)

I promise a very informative post about Bethel and the Revival and this weekend....maybe tomorrow... Im learning not to make any promises when it comes to doing things on the computer because Ive either not have had time for it or haven't been in the mood.

I am trying to get some of my pictures up on Ringo so ya'll can at least see those there



CanadianOkieII said...

Wow, you got Jeremy to lead song service, what's your secret? I like that Bro. Dad and Sis. Mom title, it sounds more down to earth. Have a great day and I know you'll do great teaching Sunday School.

J Nowling said...

Let's put it this way, they both agreed they would do it for me if the other one did. Jeremy was actually the one to initiate the deal with Jenna.

cokelady said...

Maybe we should try that mix-up-the-service thing around here. We could just draw jobs out of a hat to see who would do what!

I'm anxious to see your pictures and hear all about everything that's been going on up there, so I hope you find the time (and the inspiration!) to blog it all real soon!