Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Exciting News

No I'm not getting married thats everyone else :-P LOL

Though the good, great, exciting news is I do get to go to a wedding. I asked my boss on Monday for a few days off for Grace's wedding so I could spend some time with her before she becomes a Mrs. and also have time in case any adjustments and alterations need to be made toward my dress. Its not paid time off so I only asked for 4 days even though my boss was more then willing to give me more. So I get to go to Arizona while the rest of Alaska is experiencing the end of Winter. Which makes an already exciting trip even more exciting lol.

I also got the assembly off- all of it- I dont have to miss anything next year and the best part is it'll be paid vacation. The Lord is so good and has blessed me with a wonderful job and a wonderful boss. I did ask for camp off I got a we'll see- thats when seniority stinks :-P

Nothing really else is up...tonight was the first night I didn't have to work OT I'm finally caught up and maybe even ahead in work. I definitely feel burnt out. Came home on Monday and talked to Bro Johnny for a few short minutes before heading home and changing so I could go to Mirror Lake but that bombed in so many ways that it was almost a waste of a trip out there-but spending a little with Josh and Jackie (havent been able to that in a long while) made it worth it. The highlight the last two days has been talking with Gracie. Haha Gracie hows my order coming? Its the most relaxation I think I'm gonna get this week.

Now I'm heading home to sit down for maybe 20 minutes then off to church. I think when I get home from church I'm gonna take me a nice bubble bath. Maybe that will help release the tension in my shoulders and back from sitting at the computer so much.


~starshine~ said...

WOO! I'm so excited! We are going to have a blast together!! Is it March yet???

Can't wait to talk some more this Saturday! Hopefully it will be earlier in the day so I don't have to whisper and try to keep my laughs quiet. I didn't realize I was so loud! :P

Ooh. Bubble baths. Love 'em! Did you feel relaxed??

gracie said...

Tag! You're it!

Read my "Let's play a game!" post to find out what you're supposed to do next!