Friday, September 14, 2007

Warning: LOTS!! of Pictures

The General Assembly of
The Church of God 2007

Pictures Taken By Joleesa before I arrived

If my thinker recalls right Bro Werkheiser msg was on "Outward Adornment vs Inward Grace" I was beyond bummed I had to miss it but I did by the DVD of that session and have watched a few minutes of it.

Bro Jay preached on "What therefore God hath joined together" I hear that according to his message (which I haven't had a chance to watch yet) that Rebekah is there for his perfecting... I got a kick out of that

I was able to be there for the Tuesday Evening Session but before I show you those I thought Id show you my discovery.

While in the Chicago airport I got lost trying to find my stupid gate and a McDonalds what I did find those was this cool light display they have down stairs as you go between two terminals.

Okay now back to the regular scheduled program

I have to say that the only part I remember about Bro Johnson's message was him talking about his wife body slamming him... and I don't even remember the reason for it. I mean I know he was preaching on Eternal Life/Eternal Punishment but I dont remember how he went with it. My excuse I had been up for over 24 hrs

Wednesday Morning Session

During some of the Q&S committee I got a little distracted by people around me... this cracked me and up and I had to sneak a picture. It's Bro Jimmy's son sleeping and I was just waiting for Bro Jimmy to lean back and smash the poor kid but it didn't happen.

Bro. Werkihieser giving either the Treasure Report or Evening Light Boost

Wednesday Afternoon

Bro. Sam doing a scripture reading

Bro Horton leading in Concert Prayer

Bro. Jonathan Smith preached a wonderful message on
Drunk w/ Wine vs Filled w/ the Spirit.

Sis Maudie Wood preached a wonderful message on being a Light House in Sunday School.
The Devil really fought during this message on two different occasions Bro. Smith called the Assembly to pray
for two individuals who were having seizers.

Wednesday Evening

Sis Karen Farthing sing during Preliminary Music

I rather loved those big projector screens

I don't know what Bro. Banuelos said before he lead in concert prayer
but he sure looked happy :-D

Sis Smith singing "Anything that Cost me Nothing"...
:-S I think...correct me if I'm wrong

Bro. Smith's Annual Address

He introduced his family that was present and gave the statistics on the church then went into his address

That will be all for Today- Thursday, Friday, Saturday still to come.
(these are also on ringo)

To my lurkers... who ever you maybe. I want you to feel welcome here... My sincerest plea as I post my pictures is that I not find them used on websites that are known for slandering the Church for any reason. These pictures are my personal property and to see them used in such a manner is sad and hurtful. I only want my pictures to be used as a testimony to the wonderful blessings of this years assembly.
Please Please respect my blog and me in this.


Vicki Smith said...

You've got some FABULOUS shots! Good job! Thanks for posting them. I don't go to Ringo. I only went there once a couple of years ago and the ads and pop-ups were so offensive I never went back. I don't go to myspace for the same reason. I know it's WAY easier to post on sites like ringo, but I really appreciate you taking the time to post here where it's nice and clean. ;-) BTW, your disclaimer is very sweetly written and thoughtful.

Momma Tammi said...

Can you e-mail me the pictures that you took for me during the ordination service? You and Jo both got some great shots. She was a big help to me at IYC since you weren't there to cover shots that I couldn't get. I appreciate both of you for taking pics for me.