Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Learning Myself Some Photography

Probably should work on my English as well ;-)

Sis Becki !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I got your package the other day the candle smells so good and I love the knick knack- daily reminder to "Walk the Talk"...I'm having difficulty with a new template I was trying so I'm just gonna give up on that and go back to one of my old ones- I think what I have designed will still work and look great.

I found several for websites that actually give detail tips on basic and semi- advance subjects of photography. I would really love to go back to school and take some photography classes. I can read all the websites I want but somethings like photography do need to be hands on as well. I'm not shooting the idea down- in the back of my mind though is the $$$ then again if I go ahead in spend $1,500- $2,000 on an SLR digital Camera then spending a few $$$ on a couple classes to maximize the use of the camera wouldn't be a crazy thing to do. I love photography but part of me also enjoys the challenge of learning it all on my own. I have my style and I don't want someone pushing me change it- broadening it would be one thing but changing it would be sad. I'll wait until I can actually get a camera other then the standard one I have and the advance one mom has to before I do anything other then waste/ I mean spend my free time reading websites and studding other photographers portraits.

I'm rather tired I slept rather restlessly last night and the night before my sleep was interrupted even though I did fall back asleep I can't say that I felt rested. So I got me a Mocha (w/ 2 shots are you proud of me Grace) this morning and I'm still sipping on it. I actually kind of like them cold. Only reason I'm still sipping on it is I got it about 20 minutes before working out and almost chugged 1/2 of it. Went to Whitney's class and was going strong towards the end though my heart was racing so fast and I was so shaky I was feeling rather scared. Not only because my heart was acting like it was gonna jump out of my chest but when I told Whitney I had a coffee on an empty stomach before coming I thought he was gonna help my heart out towards a heartache. He flipped out ran and got me a Gatorade and a banana, made me consume it all right then and there. Helped bring down my blood pressure but made me sick to my stomach. Then got a lecture at how dumb that was. Caffeine stimulates the heart and dehydrates you and something about to much caffeine mixed with adrenaline is a heartache waiting to happen. It probably would have sounded crazy to me but after what I experienced he could have been lying through his teeth and I would have believed him.

I discovered today that I've lost weight in my feet- I notice it other places too but there is a larger difference in my feet. I don't believe its just water weight either. The girls at work though I had lost my mind but I told them its no different then losing weight in your fingers. My cute shoes are a bit big on my now- I'm gonna need to get inserts now for them to fit better.

Ministers Convention was really good but I do feel the best was last nights service where the Lord really blessed and the Holy Ghost moved in a powerful way. I pray those seeking victory over things received it. I know last night I gave over a burden that I struggled so hard to hold on to. Its something that I is so hard for me to do. I know leaving them in the Lord's hands and allowing Him to work is what I need to do but sometimes its the hardest thing to do. I refuse to stop praying but I'm not going to let the pain and worry of it consume me.

Following such a wonderful evening service we had a wonderful time at Boston's Pizza fellowshipping. My food didn't set well with my stomach and my mind was on things but I still enjoyed it. Not to mention dad was extra punchy last night. We had some good laughs thats for sure.

Tonight I'm gonna curl up on the couch and watch some tv and work on some templates and just relax. Tomorrow I'll upload MC pictures and share them with you.

Have a good evening


Momma Tammi said...

Ebay is a good place to get a great deal on a digital SLR. You don't need to spend $2000 right off the bat. But...I guess it all depends upon what you plan on doing with it.

I'm never sure if I should comment or not...sometimes it seems as though if I leave a comment, you don't get any from anyone else, like I've jinxed you or something. Hope that isn't the case, otherwise, I may have to just go to lurking.

The Middle J said...

please don't go to lurking- i miss your comments and hearing from you :-(

Momma Tammi said...

I miss hearing from you too. Have you been lurking on my blog? Gracie has been very absent too. Hmmm...maybe you guys have decided that my blogs are too boring and old for you young hip gals. ~giggle~

cokelady said...

Here's another comment, just to reassure Sister Tammi that she has no power to jinx anybody or anything, and to reassure Jenna that we're still out here reading! :-)

Glad you got the package--I've been meaning to do that ever since before the Assembly and just couldn't seem to get it done before now! I do sooooo appreciate all the time you've spent to make me look good. ;-)

Kasey said...

And another comment!! :) I love photography too, you will do great with whatever camera and classes you pursue!

gracie said...

I'm here! I have been a lurker. I'm sorry! I don't have time to comment sometimes, but I do when I can!