Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seasons Come and Seasons Go...So Do Friends

For most of you Autumn is either in full force or maybe just starting but here its coming to an end and the weather is teasing us with the possibility of winter. The mountains are fully covered in snow but yet we still have green grass. The colors are fading and the leaves are falling and the season is changing. Its so breath taking to watch one season fade away into other... the change is a beautiful as when the season is in full force.

My week has pretty much consisted of spending time with Micah while he is here for this very short time. Tonight I'll say goodbye to him for good. Yes he'll be back but the dynamics of our friendship will change. He'll forever be my brother that will never change. We introduce each other as siblings and have sense I can remember. Sharing similar DNA has always just been a technicality. We've been through a lot over the last well forever. Zaiah is the silent protector, Micah is the comforter and Matthew is the Machine LOL- yup those are my brothers forever and always.

I'm gonna miss him coming into ANC every 2 months or so, coming down to my office and us going out to lunch. Trying to decided where to eat and considering he can't make decisions he makes me. He sits and listen to my crazy elaborate dreams and laughs with me and doesn't think I'm stupid for it. The last one involved a vintages Rolls Royce and a lot of money- lol- I think a yacht got add to it as well.

I hung out with the guys(M, Tim and Larry) we went to best buy and then out to eat. Then went back and watched Transformers on Micahs 360 - that movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love it!

Friday Jackie and I went to a little park and took the rain before heading to church.

Speaking of church I need to cut this short and go change for church... heres a couple more pictures


gracie said...

It really stinks. You grow up and things drastically change from what it was like when you were five and you think it's the end of the world. But the Lord helps you cope with those changes and you realize that it's ok. You get comfortable with your surroundings again just in time for another life change, like friends or siblings growing up, getting married, and moving away! I think God will help us cope with these new changes too... ;)

The pictures are beautiful! Jackie did a great job!

J Nowling said...

Love the pictures. Yep, just as seasons change so do you lives...but that is a good thing usually and as Gracie said, God helps us in these changes.

Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

I like ALL of those pictures. I remember when one of my best guy friends got engaged and married. I was very happy for him, but at the same time I was sad because I knew things would change in our friendship. I'm so glad that God never changes, the one constant in our lives. :)

Anonymous said...

thats right here that i got skillz lol we should do it again right after it snows i ike white lol and this time i will try to not fog up the lens so much

Vicki Smith said...

A YELLOW pine tree??? Come on!

The Middle J said...

LOL yup there is no photo editing there- that tree is just around the corner from mom and dads place. I couldn't believe it either its so cool!