Friday, October 26, 2007

Preparing for the Weekend

My goal this weekend is to get my room cleaned and get it rearranged. Its past time for a deep clean. The last time I cleaned my room, closet and all floor to ceiling was when Megan was here in June. Its been clean sense then but not CLEAN.

mental note: remind myself to ask dad to fix the vacuum before I break it trying....

I also need to make sure I work out. Its nice looking in the mirror as I start to see the results. The best part is not having to dance to get my pants buttoned. (to tight in the waste not in the rest of the pant- just thought I would clarify that lol )

Whitney gave me another option for a work out so I can change it up. Of coarse it involves Flamingos which I'm not hating them anymore as I see the results. Hey maybe thats why my pants fit now hmm... I won't tell him that though lol. Now that I like the Flamingos he has me doing Berpes which is easier to explain then a Flamingo. I don't think I'll ever come to love these though. If you play football or basketball you may know this drill as a form of an up down. You go from standing position, to a squat, to a push up position, to squat, to a standing position and you're doing it fast. It takes coordination that I don't have so I feel dorky doing it but its a high impact cardio work out which results in fat burning- got to love that.

I made a deal with him today. That I would work on pushing myself in his class more if he would work on swearing less. We'll see if that works. He's old enough to be my father (which I'm not allowed to remind him of because he tells everyone he's 32 instead of 42) its past time for him to expand and mature his vocabulary. I had to define mature so he wouldn't start using worse language.

I had a meeting with the DAO (District Attorneys Office) HR director today concerning the discounts we offer to their attorneys and took our womens club manger with me. We got there and find out that Monday was her last day and the new HR director wasn't prepared to meet with us. I had 45 minutes to kill so I chilled out with James in his office. It started out talking business but changed to if I had a boyfriend yet and if I still talk to my ex. Every time I tell him frequently he gets so baffled at how thats possible. The subject quickly changed when the new PT came in and I was introduced to him. After he left I asked James if he was a good trainer or just eye candy to get the ladies to use a PT. He laughed and said both. I think if I ever get a different job outside of accounting that it needs to be in business and marketing lol I'm learning the ins and outs working here. On second thought not sure if its ins and outs to be proud of though.

I wonder whats going on in the hotel tonight- a lot of people walking around are dressed to impress.

Mom should be here soon I'm gonna step outside and enjoy the lights and the brisk air. Its not snowing tonight but was the last two. :-D WINTER IS HERE!!!


Meg said...

yeah. mom likes it when micah is here cause it means that the house gets cleaned from top to bottom. isn't it nice?

i'm bummed because i have not had the time to go work out like i've been wanting to. okay. i have not had time at all. bummer. if the weather is nice this next week, i might go out walking during my lunch break. and hey, if i feel adventurous enough (and if i want to wheeze for the rest of the day) i might just try running!

well, off to the M/D banquet!