Friday, November 02, 2007

Running to Catch Myself

thats a good song by Mark Shultz

Its perfectly describes today. I went from sitting in front of the print watching it bill out thousands of dollars to running all over the hotel. When it came to my lunch break I decided to skip out on eating and went and hid so I could read and not be interrupted. It took me awhile to find some where I could hid and not be found. Its a big hotel but not as easy as one would think.

I didn't mind the running around it made time go by fast and I worked right up to being picked up so I got lots done. I think Ive gotten caught up from being sick. Which thank you all so much for praying. It's been a couple years sense I've been that sick with the stomach flu. I temporarily gave the flu to Dad but it seems like we both have kicked it and left it behind.

My goals for tomorrow are the same as last weekend considering I didn't get much done from being sick. There is no putting it off we have youth Bible study at our place tomorrow night.

Its so nice to be off work and I'll get to go back to my place early tonight.

Thats about it

Have a great weekend ya'll


Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Glad to hear that you are finally feeling better. Have a GREAT weekend!