Sunday, November 04, 2007

Most Productive Saturday

I did it I managed to have a productive Saturday and still sleep in. Go me YAY!!! Ya'll are probably just shaking your head at me but oh well :P

I woke up about 9am (Gracie Girl I still don't understand how you can get up so early on your days off I'm still so baffled by that) but didn't get out of bed after 45 minutes I finally got my lazy self out of bed to get dressed. Our landlord was to be there at 10am so I threw some sweats on, brushed my teeth and hair then I climbed back into bed with my book until he knocked. We discussed a few things with him to make sure everything was covered before he heads to Japan for the winter. After that Jessa and I decided to head downtown to get a bit to eat-thus changing again. She never eats down there so misses out on some really good resturants. It was a good idea but everyone else thought so too. The place was busting at the seams with people waiting for a seat so we decided to just head over to the Captain Cook and get coffee and a danish. I would have eaten in the resturants but jeans and a big hoodie aren't really the attire one would wear anywhere other then the coffee shop.

Jo gave us a call and we meet up at JcPenny's for their amazing sale. I walked away with two new sweaters- one being a brown, pink, and tan short sleave argyle sweater. I love it so much :-D and saved 75% can'tt beat that. I also stocked up on tights and stockings for the winter taking full advantage of of buy one get one for 99 cents. After eating at the Famous Wok in the mall (Yummy Chinese) I caught back up with Jessa and we headed home...well not really we ended up going to Barns and Noble so we could each get a new book and I bought a Christmas CD. Then headed a cross the street to WalMart and bought house hold goods that just aren't fun to spend money on. I hate buying cleaning supplies, toilet paper and garbage bags. I know they all have a purpose and are very much needed but they aren't fun.

The fun stuff is Christmas decorations :-D Which we did some looking at as well. We were going to get a real tree for the apartment but decided to get a prelit one instead and spend the money on real pine garland. I can't wait to buy ordanments and candels and stockings and everything. I love Christmas!!! and get this Jessa and I actually agree on how to decorate the tree. At first we had a bit of a disagreement over tree garland but then we saw something and at the same time said "lets do this" We're going to do an all white tree...simple, elegant and classy. I'm beyond excited to get to decorating...I wonder if she'll let me start before Thanksgiving LOL

We had about 3 hours to get our apartment clean for youth Bible study at our place. It really was the first time to have everyone over. We unloaded the car of all our stuff and I put in my new Christmas Cd. Considering my burst of cleaning engery I attacked my room. Considering its right off the livingroom and some hadn't been to our place yet I felt it needed to be cleaned in case anyone snooped. Which is okay. I even dusted and cleaned off my desk. The reality is my desk in short time will go back to being a shelve because I don't use it for a desk...oh well... I got the bathroom cleaned and took a shower. While Jessa attacked the kitchen and living room. We both had about 20 minutes to spare and enjoy our clean place before everyone started showing up.

It was so cool having everyone over. Thats the first time we've had more then just one or two people over. I really liked it. Uselly its just me or just Jessa every once in awhile we'll both be there but its a big place that just begs to be filled with people.

I have Dec. for my youth activity month and I'm going to put the apartment to use and all our Christmas decorations and have a Christmas party at there. Do a gift exchange, sing Christmas carols, play games just have a real good time. Its been to long sense I've gotten to plan for a party or banquet so I'm really happy.

I did get to talk to Grace for a real short bit and she shared some wedding details with me and plans for while I'm down there. I'm excited- she says its tshirt weather- so I'm gonna assume the sun is shining bright down there. YAY I'm all for the warm weather. I'm also ready for some real snow. It snowed tonight or today- I just know there is a dusting of snow out there. Its so cold and yet no snow. The snow makes it worth being cold. Not to mention the Mountains are just covered in white. Its such a weird and majestic thing to see considering we still have green grass.

We need snow- the town is preparing for winter/Christimas putting up lights downtown, adverstising, playing music but yet there is no snow to finish off the perfect picture. Oh well

So until we get dumped on I'm gonna look forward to the Arizona sun, spending quality time with Gracie and spoiling her siblings because lets face it I've only got one little sister and she ain't to little anymore... I've got no neices or nephews so I've got to spoil someone :-) lol I've got about 15-16 days before I head down there. We won't think about coming back because thats not as exciting- I leave that Saturday and probably won't end up in Anchorage till Monday...anyone want to come chill with me in Seattle lol...don't blame you :-P

Its been a really good weekend I've enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully its just a start of whats to come.

Have a Merry Merry Day
Love Ya'll


cokelady said...

What a great post! Although it's a wee bit disturbing to think of folks listening to Christmas music and wanting to decorate already. I really wish I could make it to your Christmas party at your apartment... once it's TIME for a Christmas party! :-) I'm sure everyone will have a blast. What fun!

gracie said...

I had to MAKE myself sleep in till 7:00 this morning!! My body wanted to get up at 5:00 and go to work! Ugh.

All the stores here are already decked out in Christmas stuff. We make ourselves wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but that's really hard! By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snowmen! The picture is SO cute!

Guess what? I got to wear my yellow jacket outside this morning when I walked! WOO! It was exciting. But it's too warm now. Sigh. You'll love the weather! Bring a couple sweaters for the morning or evening...not that you'll NEED them, but it's cool enough (for us down here at least) to put them on and be comfortable.

We all are looking forward to you coming! I know we're going to have a BLAST!!! I'll let you know my work schedule as soon as I find out what it is!

Jacob & Rebekah Doran said...

Really enjoyed your post, Jenna.

That snowman was cute!

Be sure to take and post pictures of your appt all decorated up for Christmas. I'm sure it is going to be CUTE! :)

Kasey said...

I love Christmastime, your apartment sounds great! I am sure you are so excited to start your own traditions!

The Middle J said...

I'm so excited about Christmas I can't wait to get to decorating ! !

Sis Becki didn't you say somewhere on you're blog you were singing Christmas songs hmmm LOL :P

gracie said...

You did it!! Ah!! I'm so happy you were able to figure out how to do it! I love the new look! It makes me even more excited about Christmas!

BTW, LOVED talking to you last night! I'm guessing your phone died on you? Ha ha! Maybe we can talk more today!