Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winter Wonderland- Almost

Think of the most perfect shopping experience....okay think of my idea of the perfect shopping experience. hehe

Picture tiny snowflakes falling all around you. Trees decorated some in white lights some in blue. Slowly being coated in soft snow. Walking through downtown where stores are already decked out and ready for jolly Christmas shoppers or maybe the few tourist that still linger. Those few tourist got a treat today. In my mind the perfect day to be shopping downtown. Mom and I kind of played tourists. Considering we now live in Alaska its rare that we go to any of the gift shops. Which if you've been to Alaska and walked around downtown you know 4th, 5th and 6th street are busting with tiny little souvenir gift shops. We found some really neat but really pricey stuff but I did find just what I needed. I wish I had brought my camera with me. There is an old theater downtown that looked so cool that I had no idea that it was there. I'll have to remember to go back because the photographer in my desperately wants to take its picture.

After exploring downtown we headed to Fred Myers to do a little more shopping but it also involved paying bills at the bank and that no fun shopping shopping. I did two things that I found downtown but knew I could get cheaper at Freddy's and I got a box of Christmas ornaments that are a lot like the one in the picture and then a box of plain pearl white tear drop ornaments. I thought about waiting closer to December but I know what the Christmas section looks like closer it gets to Christmas and that is picked clean.

Gracie said I can go to Target ;-) but I told her I'm only going to get me a these really gorgeous white ornaments I found online ( I just got to thinking I've got to figure away to take those home with me that they won't break). There is to be NO clothes shopping. You know what she told me that she's going to take me to Ross and another store I can't remember. Way to tempt a person who is trying to break an addiction to shopping. What a great friend she is. -She's the greatest actually :-} I've resulted to turning over every form of purchasing things to dad to keep me from buying stuff (that is until my trip then it gets turned back over to him). I'm going on a saving frenzy. I've got 3 large purchases to make in the next year and if I want to accomplish all 3 I'm going to have to crack down on my spending habits.

Yesterday was one of those days I didn't want to be at work for many reasons. The only highlight was I got to be on the radio. The station we play at work had this contest going. They were giving away designer purses if you could guess what was in the purse. They gave away 3 clues at 3 different times in the day. I figured it out. It was dinner for 2 at a local restaurant downtown and an ipod shuffle the guy on the radio said I was seriously close. Gave me a chance to guess again but when under pressure my brain just froze I couldn't think of anything else. He said I was going to hate him when I heard that afternoons clue. I hung up the phone and almost seconds later was hitting myself. The whole thing was for advertisement purposes. They must have been wanting to know who it came from.... who else but The Mac Store. So I called Josh and though he acted like he didn't know I knew it had to be it. Sadly though I didn't manage to get a call in that afternoon to guess...but I would have been right. It put me in a sour mood but I at least got to end my day on a better note. A long over due girls talk with Gracie- I think we both needed it...some heart to heart and some just silliness though it ended when my phone died which seems to be a trend for us. Now just to have these 11 days go by so that we don't have to worry about phones dieing for 4 days.

Ah yes its winter....snow, a chill in the air, and hot homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove. Just need to fix a cup of coco and it would be perfect. (some would add a fire place to that but those bother both me and mom)