Thursday, December 06, 2007

Have I Lost My Mind!?

I've got probably the craziest weekend a head at this point I honestly don't mind....ask me that at 1am Saturday.

Tomorrow morning I will get up at 6:00 am to get ready for work. Finding the most comfortable but yet professional (some days I feel like those two words don't go together) outfit I can find. I've got to be in it for 16 hours so comfortable is more important then professional.

At about 7:45am I'll plop myself at my desk and ask myself the rhetorical question have I lost my mind!

Some where between 7:45 and 5pm I'll take a 30-45 lunch and then call it a day as an accountant for Hickel Investment. Then around 5:15 pm I'll need to head up to the Captains Deck of the hotel (10th floor of Tower 1 ....) and at that point I'll become a Captain Cook Hotel employee (minus the uniform- thank God) until about 1am.

There is no none confusing way to explain the switch in employment.

One of the event managers came to Katie and I and begged us to help him out. He had 3 events needing coat check but no one to do it. He's a smart man to come to two girls who were talking about how broke they were not even 5 minutes before. He looked a little sheepish at me and said are you aware about that pay. I hadn't thought about it but thats were the difference in companies come in. I definitely do not get paid minimum wage and the Lord has blessed me that I haven't in quite sometime. He told me that they'll pay me hotel bass pay (which is a little more then minimum wage) but because its considered overtime for us it will be time in a half which you won't hear one complaint from me- though I'll be getting paid considerably less there is no doubt to be a great time and very entertaining.

I'll get home around 1:30ish and hit the sack to just turn around and be back to work on Saturday morning by 8am to work 4 hours- again over time but I can't deny that the pay for that is sweet.

Then I'll come home spend sometime with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Annette that is if they and the rest of my family aren't off doing something.

Then Katie and I are were talking about going to the military honor Aces hockey game...after working 16 hours and then working another 4 I may pass on that... don't know. It sounds like so much fun so we'll see... I do need to find time to do laundry and pay bills some where in all of that lol

The nice thing by working these 3 events we'll get cash tips so I won't be broke after paying bills... I can't complain about that :-D


Meg said...

hope the craziness wasn't too crazy. take care of yourself...