Saturday, December 08, 2007

Way To Entertaining

My night pretty much consisted of watching people. Katie and I had WAY to much fun doing it too. Lenny (banquets manager) said he thought we'd walk out with about $30 in tips A PIECE ....HA thats the biggest joke of the night...naw century....By 11:40pm we counted up the dollar bills and after taking out the money I had put in there to hint at tips the grand total was.....

.......................................................... $10.00

8 hours and all we got was $10.00 all in ones. Bankers are CHEAP!! I guess they weren't just cheap with us either but the bartenders were complaining too. From the sounds of it though they were keeping the bartenders busy. As the night went on the music got loader, more random, and the people got more comical. As much as I disapprove of drinking, and being in the atmosphere (which I was several rooms down) intoxicated people act so dumb that it is rather comical.

Katie's boyfriend brought us dinner and sat and chatted with us for a little bit as we babysat coats and the overflow cages for the bartenders. I wasn't so thrilled about that but they just sat there in a locked cage. I didn't have to do anything with the liquor so I didn't complain.

The night went by fast and I had a great time even though it was way to late of an evening. I'm pretty sure some people from the party will go to work on Monday horribly embarrassed by how stupid they acted while intoxicated. Where we were we could only hear it and our imaginations filled in the rest which was a good portion of our entertainment.

The other part was seeing how oddly dressed some people were- from the extreme of jeans and a tshirt to full tux with bow tie lol

We also fell in love with tons of shoes and a few dresses.

All in all a very entertaining evening that I got paid for I'm not complaining here.

Now I'm enjoying time with Aunt Annette, Josh, Jackie and my family... Uncle Bobby and Dad went off to avoid playing games LOL