Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bethel Fun

Mom and Dad picked me up from work and we made a mad dash for the airport. I kind of like getting to the airport and not having to sit and wait forever. Tim arrived with a few minutes to spare and then it was on the way we went to represent Anchorage at the youth convention.

We were greeted in Bethel by Isaiah and Bro Grant and on to church we went. The theme for the convention was "Ready Set Go". Sis Kim last year did a half marathon and used her training and racing experience and applied it spiritually to the race we have before us. It was a really good convention. Felt the Spirit present in every service.

Its not a church activity without plenty of fellowship. Saturday afternoon we had a wonderful potluck courtesy of the Bethel women. After the potluck Sis Annette took mom, Sis Kim and I to the Saturday market. There were some really beautiful quilts there and if I had had the money I would have placed bid in the silent auction for one of them but while we were waiting for the auction to end Sis Kim and I talked with this lady and she gave me some pointers and ideas on making my own. I've already got the fabrics and stuff now I got the ambition again to work on it.

That night the youth and Sis Kim (have you figured out how old you are yet Sis Kim *big smile*) and played a game called Apples to Apples. It was loads of fun and tons of laughter. I've discovered that any game with Bro Rusty is going to result in laughter. The first hand I won nearly hands down but then the second game I got nothing- no cards NOTHING so Jacob gave me his SPECIAL card. It was a mildly competitive game and we learned from Jacob that apparently barbarians and women are the same thing. This was said at a table with 3 women *rolls eyes* it brought on more laughs though. Side Note: I've got my eye appointment this afternoon so it wont be long before I won't have to wear taped glasses any longer lol.

Sunday brought the close of convention where Sis Nowling gave a good boost for camp and demonstration on "Be Strong in the Lord" and how when the weights get to heavy we need to step in and help each other

Following service we got a real treat and got to partake in a Yupik custom. Rusty and Nathan shot their first carribu of the year a couple weeks ago and so Sis Connie and Sis Jacklyn prepared a feast. Such yummy food. Sis Connie made me wait all weekend for Asleacs (I murdered the spelling) its fried bread and it was more then worth the wait.

After the feast we all bundled up and I mean BUNDLED UP

This is how Sis Kim stared out

and then Bro Mojin made sure that she was prepared to go and the end result was this

and then we were off to the river.

This was my first trip to Bethel during the winter I've been there twice before in the summer so I was excited for what was to come. I rode with Sis Connie out to a village I can neither spell or pronounce in Zay's truck. There for a second we were worried it wouldn't take the bumps well considering Nathan had put the Elan in the truck but Zay assured us that it would be no problem. Sis Connie was great and stopped to let me take pictures of things as we went. We both noticed that the ice on the one side looked to be blue at first I didn't think I got the best picture of it but once on the computer i saw it was actually a perfect view of it.

We also experienced a bit of a traffic jam out on the Bethel Highway (the river)

And then to my great joy Sis Connie noticed to one there was a man ice fishing with a net and she stopped to let me get a picture.

We got to the village and we all piled out and went into the Trading Post. Some stocked up on candy, others just looked around and warmed up a bit before heading back.

Here is the trading post

While everyone was finishing up purchasing there treasures Sis Kim and I traded winter gear. I peeled off my many layers and traded out for the nice isolated, water proof, warm ones that Sis Kim was wear. By the time we trade out boots, gloves, jackets, and goggles for sunglasses we were ready to go back to Bethel. This time with Sis Kim in the truck and me on the back of Zay's snow machine.

We drove a short ways and took a group picture. I wish I would have thought to put the timer on my camera so Rusty could get in the picture.

Under all the layers there are people lol top to Bottom left to right

Faith, Jaclyn, Tim, Nathan, Jacob, Ernie, Darion
Myself and Isaiah
Sis Connie, Sis Kim, Sis Mojin, Bro Mojin
and Rusty behind the camera

We got pretty close to home and came upon a stuck SUV that was stuck. I stayed bundled up on the snow machine while the men pushed them out. I guess there was a whole in the ice and so everyone had to back up a quite a ways and take another turn off.

We went on ahead and Zay let me drive the rest of the way into town. I loved every second of i. I was nervous at first because the hood on the jacket blocked me from seeing anything on my sides but with the help of the mirrors and Isaiah directing me we made it in one piece. I don't think I worried him at any point - he didn't say anything if I did.

We at Front Street and then Zay took me back to the Suttons to get ready to go. Made a stop at Subway and headed the airport. One thing I love about going to Bethel is that pretty much everyone from church comes out to say good bye. Here are some pictures as we waited to board the plane.

We said our good byes and Sis Kim, Mom, myself, Tim, and Bro Grant got on the plane and headed to Anchorage.

It was a great weekend and I had so much fun. The Lord really blessed the services, the fellowship and the fun.

God is So Good


Erika J. said...

thank you for sending my aunt back. :0) she looks like she had alot of fun!

cokelady said...

Wow, how FUN!!! I've only been to Bethel once in the winter, but I LOVED it. Especially with those Peter boys around to show you the ropes. ;-)