Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank You Thank You Thank You

For all those that wished me a happy birthday. Thanks to the internet I go a wide verity of well wishes. It was truly a good birthday from the time I got to work to the point of leaving my parents.

As I get older and make a bid deal out of birthdays I'm realizing more and more that they aren't that big of a deal bu it sure does feel great when someone goes and makes you feel special.

I woke up yesterday morning and as I was getting dressed one of the bows(not sure if that is the right spelling) on my glasses broke and so I get to do the nerdy thing and have them taped. THANK GOD for long hair lol. Not really how I wanted to start the day but it just got better as the day went on.

Dad took me to McDonalds for breakfast- I LOVE McDonalds breakfast and then went on to go to work. I walked into my office and it sounded like the party had already started. I had a beautiful African Pink Violt plant on my desk along with chocolate and cards. Got sang to a handful of times and got wished Happy birthday by people a million and one times lol

Two of the ladies treated me to Benehanai's which is one of those Japaneses restaurants that turn cooking into a performance. Got told Happy Birthday by all the Chefs there and sung to in Japaneses which that was a first for me. The food was SOOO good.

Got back from lunch and a bouquet of Spring Tulips were delivered. No not from any guy :-P The company orders us flowers for our birthday usually they are rather uh unique arrangements but these took my breath away.

I LOVE this card! It was from one of my co-workers that spoils me. Her daughter's name is Jenna and she is also 22 but lives in San Hosea, CA. I benefit when she goes through spells of really missing her daughter- just the sweetest women.

Turning 22 wasn't all that bad. Still wish I could be like 19, 20 years old but I'll accept reality and go on with my life being happy that I get to enjoy another day, Lord willing another year of living.


Momma Tammi said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. The tulips are beautiful and so is the card. Glad you had such a great day!

Kasey said...

I am glad you had a wonderful birthday! 22...that was three years ago for me. seems like so long ago.