Monday, April 14, 2008

Miss Me :P

Its been busy I'm actually taken a few minutes to sit and post. Lets see what have I been doing other then working.

We got a new girl at work and she's been helping out with a lot of the filing and grunt work. At first I felt bad that all she was doing is what we either didnt want to do or didn't have time to do but my boss reminded me thats why they brought her on early. She's a different sort of girl its taking time to get use to her but she's been great to jump when we need her.

Other then work I've been getting the apartment cleaned and decorated. Jessa went on cruise (she was gone 10 days) I took advantage of having the place to myself and really cleaned the place and got it decorated. She got home on Friday and we ran errands and got things to finish off the bathroom. All thats left really for our apartment is buying window coverings of some sort for the living room and kitchen window. Its not as needed but I think it would add the final touch of warm to the apartment. Break up the white walls with the white windows.

The first Saturday Bible Study was held at my place and afterwards Micah, Megan, Josh and Jackie and Jacob stayed and watched a movie. Then came youth week so we had a youth service on Thursday, watched a movie by the creators of Facing The Giants at my place and then saturday was a bbq at Jeremy and Heather's which I'm now very found of grilled chicken with cajin seasoning it was soooo yummy.

Im doing the whole Netflix thing and one of my first movies was a Hallmark movie call "Though None Go With Me" its story line is matching to the title. Though None Go With Me I'll still trust in God. Its a really great movie.

Saturday while Jes and I were out I had asked to stop at the Bible books store she said she would if I would go to this place for lunch with her. I said sure its the least I could do even if it wasn't sounding the best. Turned out that it was across this used book store place that I had told Megan about but hadn't gone in a really long time. I ended up walking out with 7 books for the price that I would have paid for 3 at Vine and Branches. The part that made me happiest was I was able to cross 4 books off my CBD wish list. Every now and then I'll browse through their web site and bookmark the books I want to buy and keep a look out for. I costs to much in shipping even if they have them on sale to actually purchase through them.

Oh I also bought a friend. I named her Fancy Pants! :-D She's a black and white Fancy Hair Hamster. I love the little thing even though its not very fond of me right now.

I've got my devotion for Ladies Retreat to complete for this weekend and my CPMA service for next week.

Until Next Time


Vicki Smith said...

Enjoy the Ladies' Retreat and tell everyone hello for me, k?