Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Week in Pictures

On Sunday at about 11pm Josh, Jackie, Dad, Mom and Myself headed out to Bird Creek and did some hiking around. Here are some pictures.

Monday I joined Dad and Josh after I got off work. They were down at Ship Creek fishing. They didn't catch anything and actually the people around didn't catch much either.

Then on Friday one of my good friends from work got married. I didn't get to stay for the reception but I hear they had fun and the food was GREAT!

The bride going to see her groom

She made the all the flower arrangements herself. She was so proud of them


The groom and his boys


The happy couple
Father and Daughter

so thats been my week in a nut shell. Well thats the enjoyable part of my week.


Kasey said...

did you take those pictures??? the wedding pics??

The Middle J said...

No- i just did the editing/effects. I don't have a camera yet that can shoot this quality of pictures. I joined Alisha for her meeting with the lady who did the photography. Its a friend of the groom and she is just starting out. I really enjoyed it and I think she did a wonderful job for shooting her first wedding.

Momma Tammi said...

The pics look great.