Thursday, July 03, 2008

Free Free At Last

Work closed up at 1pm but I stayed till 5 to get my month end work done. Its amazing how much work one can get done with no distractions. I realized how many pointless interruptions there are in a day. When I closed out for the day I brought in just under $16,000 for the company in a 3 hr period. Not too shabby. I'm now off work until Monday.

I think the plan is in the morning we are heading out to Whittier. Oh Yeah I'm excited! Its so beautiful out there or so Ive seen this will be my first time. Everyone laughs at me when I say that reminding me its a fisherman's town so there isn't much there. My opinion is so what its not like I've been to a fisherman's town before. Its something new therefore it is exciting.

Then Saturday I am devoting myself to cleaning. Sense its not my only free day this week Im making myself do laundry and clean up my apartment. We've got youth Bible study that evening so I have motivation. Also my boss well I guess she isn't my boss anymore. Today was her last day but anyway her and her daughter are coming Saturday morning to take Fancy Pants. The poor little hamster needs someone to pay attention to it and I think a 7 year old girl is perfect.

My goal is to destress. There is a light at the end of the tunnel of stress for work but its going to be awhile before we see that light.

So thats my weekend plans. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend :-)