Sunday, September 14, 2008

No More Shopping

We were expecting the stores to be Packed! but they actually weren't to bad. Mom and I went to the Dimond Center where I went to Bestbuy and she checked out some other stores. I went to the camera department and only had to wait a couple minutes before being helped. I asked if they could honor a package deal that had. She took a look at it and took a look at what they had in stock and she turned to me said I think I can do better. I laughed I liked the sound of that. With in 15 minutes I purchased a Canon XSi kit (battery, battery charger, Camera body, standard 18mm-55mm lens), an additional lens (55mm-250mm- it will be great for the assembly but I do want to research lens and by then get something less standard), Canon camera bag, extra battery, two filters, and a 4GB card for $20 less then the package online. They didn't have the bag that was in the online package but gave me a bag that was almost $80 more for the price of the one online. Add a 4 year warranty and I got everything I needed/wanted under the max price I set to spend. That included a portable external hard drive to back my pictures up but also to clean off some of what was on my computer. In the last year I had over 12,000 pictures on my laptop hard drive which was def. slowing my computer down. I cleared off 9,000 of those onto the hard drive and off my laptop - which is running much quicker now.

After making a couple stops we went to Fred Myers and I got a pillow top for my bed. Heavenly :-) well almost I like a bed that almost swallows me up so perfect would be like two pillow tops on it but its so much better then before.

We got home ready to do something other then shop. I decided to see what I could capture with my new friend. It was a typical wet fall day here and decided to bundle up and take a walk to see if I could get a good picture of the fall colors here. The weather here made everything look more deary then appealing but on my walk I came across a duck pound. Well they came across me first and I followed them to the pond. I sat and talked to them and took their pictures for awhile. At some point these two young guys who had been out duck hunting drove by and enticed the ducks out of the water. The one guy had me laughing so hard as he tried to hold one of the ducks- he wasn't successful but sadly I was laughing to much to capture the duck teasing and outsmarting the young guy.

Its another cold dreary day but Im hoping for a nice day soon to go up to Flat Top lookout and take some pictures of the city, or even go to Beluga Point. I have a feeling Fall isn't going to last long and I want to get some good pictures while its here.

I'm one happy chic right now :-D haha


Tammi said...

Great pictures. I love trying to catch the birds...but ya gotta be quick sometimes. Have a blast learning all the neat things about your new camera. I'm still learning tons of stuff about mine and I've had a year already.

♥ PaulandGracie =) said...

LOVE the pictures of the ducks! These would be some nice pictures in my Mom's bathroom downstairs.

Tammi said...
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Tammi said...

The deletion was me.