Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Bummer of A Day

It seems sense being back from the Assembly its done nothing but rain. According to people here they make it sound like we missed the only beautiful days. So it raining today is no surprise. I would go for a walk and take pictures but everything outside is all wet and soggy and I dont want my camera to join the club. Plus its chilly. It was briefly mentioned last night that if Heather was up for a short visit tonight that they would arrange for me to get on base so I could meet Miss Lillian as I wasn't able to yesterday. That won't be happening I woke up this morning and my pesky cough is back. Its like having a constant tickle in my throat that wont go away. Its for the best anyway its their first night home and it sounds like the new mom and dad need rest.

Im hungry for Tortellini- actually I'm just hungry period but mom fixed one of my least favorite meals. They say if you are hungry you'll eat anything but thats not totally true- Im hungry but for something that sounds good and that I like and tonight what was made isnt something I am hungry for.

All and all I'm bored bet you could have never guessed that :-)