Monday, November 17, 2008

Im confused as to why my photo website still says that I havent updated it in 3 months. As I've been adding pictures the last 2 weeks.

So if you enjoy my photography check it out. There is tons of new pictures. Jessa Spago is coming I forgot to grab my camera on the rush out the door. Im getting excited between the OT that I've worked and the OT coming up I maybe able to swing my lens sooner rather then later. :-) Sweetness means better pictures :-)

Sis Tammi I haven't forgotten about dedication pictures just keep procrastinating. I need to buy new dvds and thats where the procrastinating starts.


J Nowling said...

What's the Spago pictures under?

jessa said...

jENNA, mY lOVELY sITTTER that taKES PICTURes oF eVERyTHING!!! wHERE IS sPAGO!!!!!!?????? ;O)