Friday, December 05, 2008

Did A Little Shopping

I'll post skating pictures a little later as I haven't downloaded them yet and we've been putting up the Christmas decorations. I'll post them all at the same time. Skating was fun but we were all out of shape or something cause it didn't seem like we were out here long before we were sore. I took advantage at being at mall after we went skating I did some shopping. The benefit of all the OT was a very decent pay check so these were my Christmas gifts to myself :-) Now I didn't just get myself something because thats not the point of the holidays. I also got mom her birthday gift which she'll blog about later. For some reason this year shopping for gifts has been hard. I just drew a blank.

I'm even drawing a blank when it comes to what I want. I can think of two things a camera backpack and iLife '08 my iPhoto needs to be updated.

I dont know why I'm still up let alone at mom and dads- I still have to drive home :-S hmm maybe I wont Ive got clothes here.

I really enjoyed my half day off I felt like I had a life and got to have with my sisters and Levi. I love my family so much.

My eye lids are getting heavy I intended to blog more but its slipping from my mind what I was going to say.

Love you all!!!

Grace sorry about not texting you back we were putting up the Christmas Tree


Tammi said...

Is that a remote shutter release? What size lens?

The Middle J said...

yes it is- its the wired remote. The sales clerk said if i changed my mind on the wireless one i could do an exchange. i didnt get it because i was afraid of connection loss- i'll have to read some reviews.

Tamron 18-200mm AF F/3.5-6.3 XR Di II

its what my pocket can handle right now. Im still not 100% sure of what a really good walk around is. As i've done my research all Ive find is peoples opinions and not actual facts.

Where did you get your lens. Ritz (camera store) didn't carry it.

Tammi said...

I'm not sure that I can use a remote with my camera...I'll have to check it out, it would make it so much easier once the shot is set up.

The lens you bought sounds like a good all-purpose lens. My lens came with my camera kit. I've only met two other people that have the 75mm-300mm lens that I have. It isn't a good walk around lens because you have to be to far away to get a good picture. I use it when I don't want to be obtrusive.