Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Turn

To Announce their engagement in true Jenna style.

Or at least I was going to but time got away from me and now I've got to go to work.

Saturday and Sunday we took engagement pictures and they are all on

I'll post some tomorrow :-) Look at how happy they are :-)


Amy Anders said...

You have an amazing talent that the Lord has given you with photography! They are beautiful, I saw a few on their new blog and they are amazing!!!

Tammi said...

Great pic!

The Middle J said...

Thank you Amy and Tammi

Everyone knows I love photography. Engagement pictures are something I believe everyone should have- they are to be treasured just as much as the wedding pictures but it so expensive to do so its been a blessing to help my sister and friends have these to treasure when maybe they wouldn't if they had to pay.