Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Time

Or part of the family. Jessa is working and Joleesa is out with some friends. As I mentioned Dad and Mom for my birthday gave money to my JAG fund- that is the fake fund to purchase season 8 of this military series JAG about Navy and Marine lawyers in the Judge Advocate General Corp. that aired from 1995-2005. During a time when prime time t.v. had yet to be turned into shows that should have an NC-17 rating.

I love the comedy, suspense and overall acting in this show. I owed 1-7 and picked up season 8 last night as it came out on DVD.

When I got home from shopping for wedding invitation with Jessa. Dad asked me to put an episode in. I was excited to sit and actually watch something with Dad- we don't normally enjoy the same shows so I jumped on it. One episode turned into two and before I knew it it was midnight. Now tonight we sat and ate dinner then watched a movie and now a few hours later dad and I keep saying 1 more- just one more episode- :-) Good clean family enjoyment. I love enjoying something I love with my family. There isn't anything more enjoyable then watching them enjoy it as well- much better then being alone with chocolate peanut butter ice cream. LOL- now he's demanding pop corn maybe its more peaceful at home- just kidding

So happy its Friday- even though I'm working tomorrow for a short time I think I'll enjoy it-no stress, no phone, and I'll get something accomplished which is already rewarding. Then its youth night so I'm sure we'll have some fun. I also have to pull my thoughts out of my brain to put them into notes for my CPMA service. Its been in there awhile so I dont think I'll have a probably putting it all together.

Yes this is going to be a good weekend- eventful, accomplishing and relaxing :-)


ღ.Gracie.ღ said...

I hope you have a great weekend! Love you!

Netty said...

I love JAG and of all things I missed the very last episode! LOL!