Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Real Post

It should come as to no surprise that I've become a Facebook addict.  When I tend to get into something I neglect prior things I obsessed about- so any way- work has been INSANE- the economy has affected the hotel considerably that the president has all eyes on his money- which means constant collections trying to get every penny possible out of people. It gets old and stressful and you start to feel like the bad person but I suppose its life. Also due to the economy they've cut the hours of the attendants in the both clubs to the point we lost one to many attendants in the women's athletic club that for the last couple weekends I've filled in. Wonder if they'll return the favor while I'm on vacation hmm- doubtful lol 

I got my tickets for the assembly- yes tickets-I looked for the cheapest possible way for the flights I needed. I did not want to come in last minute on Tuesday and I did not want to miss any part of the assembly on Sunday. Sooo going I'm flying Anchorage to Chicago- Chicago to Charlotte and then Charlotte to Chattanooga. It'll be 18hrs of flying/airport time but I dont care. I arrive a day early- :-D no rush to FOTW from the airport for me this year. :-)

Then home- I dont leave until Monday so again no rush :-D Chat to Chicago- Chicago to San Fran then San Fran to SeaTac and then home- surprisingly  home bond takes less time but more stops go figure.

This year I'll also be getting my own car (unless something changes) I plan to be relaxed as much as possible this year. My camera equipment is ready, my computer is ready, I'm ready- well I'm ready for it to come in two weeks. I've been reviewing pictures and video clips of the Abba House and I'm beyond excited that we have a location that has a good lighting (I know such an important feature lol). I look at pictures and I get giddy inside over it- I know silly but I spent so much time last year editing and correcting lighting and even had to scrap pictures that would have been great had I known how to deal with the dark orange lighting in the place. Also excited there wont be a staircase right in front of the pulpit lol.  I am still trying to figure out logistics of needing to be in two places at once- I need to get pictures of the Children's Assembly as well this year but such good things going on while its in session-but its a def. need- I completely spaced this last year  so the website lacked desired pictures. I'll figure out- a challenge isnt always bad- it motivates one to learn and become better :-)

The only bad thing about the assembly is I'm back on a shopping ban- I got a little to excited over new shoes and clothes hehe but its all good one can always use new clothes right :-)

Add in ready a few really good books, cleaning/rearranging my room and destroying it again lol  that pretty much sums things up. 

How is this for a post ( i didnt post pictures- Im told thats all I do so ...)

I'll quit my rambling and call it done :-)


The Church of God-Oklahoma City, OK said...

Maybe you should clone yourself so you can be in two places at once. ~grin~ I'm glad that the lighting will be better...I know what you mean about hours of adjusting for the lighting!

Vicki Smith said...

I'm excited that you're excited! =) I'm excited for myself, also. It's gonna be a good'n. ;-)

The Middle J said...

I dont know if two of me would be a good idea - Its a scare thought but it would be nice

cokelady said...

Crazy travel schedule you've got there, lady. I guess all that matters is that you'll be at the Assembly, right?! I'm already anxious to see all of the fanastic pictures you'll be taking there. :-)

Strange. On most blogs people gripe because people only post text, no pictures. You really get gripes about too many pictures and too little text?! Ya' just can't please everybody, I suppose. I, personally, enjoy both. :-)