Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rewinding back to the Assembly

I ate something today that my body definitely didn't like. Today is one of those days I wish I had that little bit of extra energy to push myself to go to church tonight. My body aches and I feel so warm but yet my feet are cold. So very odd in my mind. I'm stretched out on the couch and wondering why I'm blogging. Though my body feels like its rebuking me for whatever reason my mind is very in tune and functioning fine. I know some probably question the truth to that statement :P I do plan on pulling my sorry self off the couch at 7:00 and close myself off in Dad's off (the only place that will hold no distractions) and spend time in pray and studying my Sunday School lesson. The Devil isnt going to rob me of my time in the Word and with God just because of some dumb chicken I ate.

In the mean time though I figured I'd put my active mind to use and blog about the assembly. Not really sure where to start. The beginning makes sense but if I start at the beginning and dont finish it in one blog then it will be backwards. Hmm-I guess it'll be like rewinding in more ways then one.
Tuesday (Sept 8th) brought the Fields of the Wood service. Last year was my first year to go and after seeing the plane sweep over the fields I think I had a lot of great expectations for this year. Though it wasn't all that I expected I was by no means disappointed. As I've already said I've enjoyed the History lesson's that are shared (thank you Sis Washburn for sharing a more personal history into the ministers of that time I love it) Just stepping on to the grounds of Fields of the Woods always makes me long to see it as it was again. You know I don't know if I've ever even saw it how it was originally I think I have- there is this vivid picture in my mind of walking up Prayer Mountain and reading every last etched stone but I dont know I ever have- I'll have to ask Mom. The plastic coverings where they've attempted to cover the truth breaks my heart but that doesn't change what happened on that mountain or the part in church history it holds. The stones maybe covered but thats okay because the truth is etched where it really needs to be in my heart. Needless to say I truly enjoy the service held there. (even though the trip out there and the heat are something this girl has a hard time dealing with :P )

I am
 hoping that the Field
s of the Wood service is included on the DVDs as I struggled in following Bro Oscars preaching. I've never heard anyone translate for themselves before it was rather cool but also distracted me to pieces so I don't think I got all that I could out of his message. This year I sat in the pavilion in order to get better pictures and it was so
 cool to look out and see the church people spread out around the pavilion. There was one thing though in most of the pictures looking out the back- a certain flag appeared in the corner of several of the pictures it was dull, faded and lifeless. I about rejoiced in cropping it out as that flag does not represent Christ's church any longer- the singing, the preaching, the devotional in that Fields of the Wood service is a testimony to that.

After a shower, uploading FOTW pictures to the website and even a nap it was time to head to Abba House. My
 parents were so wonderful as they were willing to go early so I get my camera adjusted to the lighting. The place is beautiful and comfortable. I took me a little bit to adjust to the blue background lighting. At first I must say I wasn't fond of it. Everything I did made Bro 
Smith look orange ( and a bit Willy Wonkaish :S ) and the musician's nearly impossible to shoot ( hmm- no matter if I use the word shoot or capture it all sounds so brutal) I mean photograph (ha there we go) as it was so dark in the corner. UGH was my reaction at first but then tweaking here and there all the problems were solved except for Bro Smith still looked like an Umpa Lumpa. I through up my hands in defeat and just decided to avoid getting pictures from that direction which was okay because the glass pulpit he stood behind was almost as tall as him (and I say that with all respect and love lol) 

Bro Fizzels message was wonderful and thanks to modern technolog
y I've actually been able to listen to it at work on my ipod. I'll side step to a new subject for a second. The media department has been able to do so many things that will advance the outreach of the Church via modern day technology.  I'm part of a generation that is propelled by technology. Between my phone, my computer and even in some ways  my camera. So much is instantly at my figure tips- in the world that we live in though that also means so much evil can be consumed at a press of a button. What better outreach is there then taking that step to replace that evil with the truth. Instead of unedifying music being projected at such loud volumes form the head phones of a teenager  or young adult ( or that of those hard of hearing :P) its Biblical truths being preached as it passes their ears praying it goes straight to their hearts. 
I can tell you this sense I got to be the ginny pig and try it out last week to see if it worked I've had the opportunity  to listen to the messages from the assembly at work. By monday
 I had listened to all 18 messages. On Tuesday afternoon I lent my ipod to our head baker Joe- the other day he was listening to Joel Osteen preach and I asked if he was interested in hearing some messages from some different preachers. He said sure- yesterday afternoon I went to get my ipod from him and  Bro Ard's voice filled the back hallways of the hotel. T
his devout Catholic has expressed interest- oddly not so much in the church but in the preaching but thats so much more then I can expect- "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit
 saith.." If you doubt the outreach that this can be or have fears that the Church is becoming to modern please don't I beg you. This is just the beginning of reaching a world full of truth deprived people that are hungry and they don't know what for. If it can feed my soul and be a refreshment to me what more can it be to the starved. 

So anyways :-) I'll get off my soapbox  and get back to what I was saying. Bro Frizzel br
ought the first message reminding us  of the spirit in which we are to pray. It was a wonderful prelude to an hour spent in fervent prayer. After time spent listening to good preaching and in prayer it was time for what Church of God members are real good at eating and fellowship. If I remember right thats a story all its own that I'd rather not share as I realized I maybe old but not to old that my parents still can't embarrass me :P

It is time for me to go so check back tomorrow for a rewind on the Wed. of the Assembly 


cokelady said...

I enjoyed this thoroughly and am already looking forward to Part 2. :-)

The Church of God-Oklahoma City, OK said...

Great post and I thoroughly agree about using technology to further the gospel and reach the lost. Looking forward to the next rewind.

Vicki Smith said...

Great recap. Praise God for the outreach we have available through modern technology. We've come a LOOOONG ways in just the last few years. It's hard to keep up--actually, it's impossible. But with God's help, and sufficient volunteers with a heart and mission to be a blessing to TCOG and reach out to souls, we can do our best to continually move forward and "go places" the Church has never been before.

Jessa Stephens said...

I'm ready for part 2!!! Great post!