Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday July 29th, 2007

The longer I put this off the more I'll forget so lets see what I details I can remember from a week ago.

I taught Sunday School and as ya'll should know it was about parents making sure worship was in the family. Not the easiest lesson to teach considering I am not a parent but I feel it went okay. We had both perspectives present but I'm not as good at getting group discussions going as mom is and so it presented a challenge for me. I think leading song service would have been the better end of the deal :-P

After church the suggestion to hike Flat Top was thrown out I was just jumping inside- NOT- Im not a fan of hiking- I'd much rather do rock climbing but oh well. 3 months ago Tim, Jo and I attempted to try to hike it but yeah no success on my part. Between the wonderful encouragement from everyone, my stubbornness and the fact that at the one point I thought about giving up I realized it would be harder to go down then to finish going up. I probably didn't have the best of attitude while going up :S but it got better the closer I got to the top and once the cramps in my leg past :-P Getting to the point we made it to the top which I think is the most rewarding thing I've accomplished sense moving to Alaska... Im ready to take on snowboarding now- Zay, Micah ya'll got to come to ANC I need my patient teachers.

Heading up to the base of the mountain

the view from the base of the mountain- you can't even see the top

Just getting started- got a LONG ways to go

half way up- taking a break- got to get in a picture

another stop before getting to the top

FINALLY!! WE MADE IT!!! All of us at the top

The View from the top - Doesnt it take your breath away

Half way down- they kicked the kids off to play on the teeter-tottor

This is what we climbed down- I mean slid down- I mean fell down :-P

We made it down in barely enough time to freshen up, take a look over my service and head out the door. I dont suggest climbing a mountain then going to church and being the one in charge. It didn't help that it was 100 degrees in that place (maybe a slight stretch) I think some were thankful for the pop I used to deceive them with. hehe I did my CPMA service on having perfect 20/20 vision and that if we didn't have perfect vision then we needed to be in the Word because its to ease to be deceived when one has blurred vision. I believe it went well.

On Monday Jes, Jeremy, Heather and I went to Fletchers at the Captain Cook which was really good. Then Larry, Jeremy, Tim, Heather and I went out to Beluga Point and then decided to go ahead and go up to Aleyska and walk around the grounds- (sorry I forgot my camera at home- actually I think the battery was dead at the time. )

I don't want it to sound like I'm in a hurry for winter to get here but Im getting really excited about learning to snowboard. I think I said that last year. Sense moving here Ive learned you either need to just go out and try new things, reach out of the comfort zone or you'll end up bored and depressed. First on the list is snowboarding, then if money ever allowed me to I would love to try para gliding. The discussion of bungee jumping and sky diving came up. There was a quick No to sky diving but I think I could be talked into bungee jumping. I suppose I should go on a roller coaster first :-S but for some reason that scares me more then the thought of bungee jumping. If any one can explain that let me know hehe.

Back to the time line- Tuesday after I got off work Mom, Jo, Jer, Heather and myself all went to Outback before heading home for a short while before Joleesa and I took Jeremy to the airport. I felt really bad leaving him at the airport with over an hour to kill but Joleesa was waiting outside and it was getting late. I woke up the next morning felling horribly sick- the cold I was fighting all week had finally set in. I felt rotten and honestly wasn't sure one could feel any worse until I woke up early Thursday morning coughing up a lung or thats what it felt like. I called into work which Ive never done. I've gone into work late to get a little more sleep but Ive never missed a complete day from being sick. It was not the best day to miss either but God heard my prayers and the girls in AR got my statements printed, mailed out and organized for me. When I walked in on Friday I started crying when I saw all the work they had done for me. One thing for sure is I'm well taken care on my job. By Saturday though I still had the pesky cough I was feeling 99% better and so Heather and Tim and I hit the mall but that'll have to be another post. I haven't up loaded the pictures from that yet and I need to go home.

Goal after the assembly is get internet connected at the apartment :p

Its late and I don't want to ramble on.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Monday

God Bless and Good Night



Momma Tammi said...

Wow! What a hike. I don't think I could have done it. Great pics though.