Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alls Well That Ends Well....Kind Of

Don't let me touch anything that is small enough to go missing. First I managed to lock my keys in my apartment on Sunday-I even tried breaking into the apartment via the windows but those were all locked as well so I ended up staying with mom and dad. On that key ring is also my office big deal I only need those if I work overtime at night and I'm the last one out...or in my case on Monday I got off work and went to work out and when I was done I realized I had locked my laptop in my office. I called security to see if they had a key to my office and not just the main door....they didn't. I lived a night without my laptop. Tuesday I was balancing (sort of) my checkbook to my online statement and found a charge and accepted what I feared that I hadn't misplaced my card in my home but some where else and someone was attempting to take advantage of my irresponsibility. They didn't get much and I got the card canceled so they can't get anymore. Oh back to Monday night- I seem I also missed place my camera...I'm praying its in my apartment some where its horrible unkept right now so its likely there. Though our landlord has been in and out of our place way to much for my liking that I can't seem to push aside the thought... naw I don't know why he would do something like that. Sadly I'm not done yet with my miss ups... Now my phone is missing... I took it off the charger in my rush out of the house this morning so its some where between the house and my work...hopefully somewhere in the house or my office and not anywhere in between. I really need this to stop. It seems everything I touch goes wrong- I know I just need to slow down and pay more attention.

Its been stressful- I'm sure its not as bad as it seems to me right now.

On a wonderful note...the best news in my my no I'll even go as far to say as in my month.... Joleesa has got an interview tomorrow at 4:30pm at The Captain Cook. She picked up an application on Monday and I helped her fill it out, then yesterday we went shopping and she got 2 really nice dress suits.(She pretty much got a buy one get one free deal) and then today showed up at HR dressed to impress. Handed it to Delaney she took a look at it and asked her to come in for an interview. She came down to my office and told me. I couldn't be happier. I want so much more for her. She is a smart, beautiful girl with so much potential. I'll give anything, I'll do anything to get her out of McDonalds. I personally think this job is great for her she has the customer service needed and it will help her gain the fundamentals to turn hospitality into a career for herself not to mention she'll be making more realistic pay for living in Alaska. So Please Please Please be praying for her tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how excited I am for her. After I got off work I took her down to the Womens club and we relaxed in the hot tub, then the steam room, and then the sauna. Considering my week so far it was great to just relax. I also enjoyed being able to actually show someone in my family where I work- not just my office or the hotel but the club(gym).

Its been quite the week I'll have to post more later I'm horribly tired...and as soon as I can my pictures on my computer from mom's camera I've got a bunch of stuff to show you. Youth time, a fall walk, an Alaska Aces game - EXCITING lol

Good night ya'll
Ya'll the Best


Meg said...

wait.. no camera? cell phone? laptop? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

stop, it hurts too much...

praying that you find what is missing .. and velcro it to your hand!!!

praying for joey's interview. i know how hard it can be breaking into a field, but she's got someone on the :inside", so hopefully and prayerfully, this will work out.

dude. snowy cold weather... just can't get over that...

The Middle J said...

my laptop didn't go missing its the only that hasn't its too big.

Its not snowy anymore but sure is cold.

Thanks for the prayers