Sunday, October 07, 2007


IT SNOWED!!!!!!!

I'll have pictures tomorrow- its all melted now but it did snow and everything was white :-D Exciting !!


Anonymous said...

you have my first snowball in your parents freezer to prove it lol great thing to wake up to huh?

The Middle J said...

It didn't snap me out of it enough until it got a little in my eye and for some strange reason I felt like I was drowning and that did I was awake :P

Vicki Smith said...

Oh, WOW! Congratulations!!! Did you know it's a rule that on the first snow of the season you're supposed to don a turtleneck or cute sweater, play Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," along with other Christmas music, and put together a jigsaw puzzle? It's not a widely-known rule, but a rule just the same. ;-) Okay, it's just a Smith rule. But it's a GOOD one!

cokelady said...


Mom's right--it's a rule. One of my most favoritest ones of all!!! Wish I were there--I'd love to celebrate Snow Day this early!