Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Can I Fast Forward

What a day- my head is pounding. Its probably saying your so mean your so mean. I'm breaking my addiction to caffeine as it was breaking the bank. So between that and the intenseness that the first of the month brings to my job Ive got me quit the headache. I want to fast forward to Nov. Im impatiently waiting for it to get here so I can spend time with Gracie and have some genuine girl time. It sounds like we both need sometime to relax. How come its so hard to relax on a day to day basis's? When in reality on a day to day basis's you have less to do then on a vacation. As each day goes by the more tempting it is just to purchase a ticket then to try and fly stand-by because that makes something thats not suppose to be stress so much more. I'm gonna pray about it and if the money comes together for it I think that maybe the way I'll go.

I need to get out and gets some pictures. Have you seen an Alaska fall- ya'll thought Spring/Summer was breath taking (okay so maybe not all of you) As much as I miss the Red and Oranges of the Oaks and Maples. The yellows and greens that we have are amazing. Its like the whole city is made of gold. Well in a sense as of tomorrow Im sure the stores will think so- people start receiving their PFDs tomorrow. Moving away from that subject.

Those who think money doesn't make the world go around can you adopt me cuz clearly you have to much on your hands if you think that. Sadly does make the world go around- nothing in life is truly free. Speaking of which we watched The Ultimate Gift the other night. That may have seemed a bit random to you but talking about money reminded me of it. In a nut shell its about how there is more to life then money. Which that I agree with. Im so thankful for FOXFAITH no not everything they put out is correct but its clean and they at least have a moral value story to them. The acting in the movies have been remarkably good as well.

Well mom just called and she's on her way to get me. PTL I get to leave work :-D

Have a wonderful day!

lol- a guy just came up to me and asked if I like my Apple- I had to laugh- I told him I love it :-D Then out of habit gave him a sales pitch- poor guy- lol but maybe now he'll get an Apple :-D


Momma Tammi said...

Brother Ray bought "The Ultimate Gift" last week and we finally watched it a few nights ago. It was really good. I cried through most of it though so it made my migraine so much worse, but oh well. Speaking of headaches...how's your's. I'll be praying for ya.

The Middle J said...

I just took a long hot bath and that helped me to relax so I can feel a lot of the tension in my neck gone. Its still there no where near as bad as it was though.

The girl kept me laughing enough I didn't cry :-)

Kasey said...

I am glad you are feeling better :)

gracie said...

I wish I could fast forward to Novemeber too. I would love to just sit back, relax, and have some quality girl time! :) It'll be here soon, though, I know it will! Then we can laugh over silly girl things while getting our hair done and facials! ;) And drinking a coffee! HA HA HA!