Sunday, November 18, 2007

Can I Go Yet....

I almost feel like a little kid... but instead of "are we there yet" its like "can I go yet" I just want to hop on the plane and be there already. Hehe I don't know if they want me there yet LOL but I'm ready ....we'll kind of I'm ready to go but my luggage is not. I use to be one who packed several days before but now its seems no matter how hard I try it ends up being done last minute.

It has been a busy week. Thursday was Bro. Texter's funeral and what a beautiful funeral it was. I had never been to a military funeral before -the winter surroundings made it so beautiful and with TAPS being played, and the 21 gun salute it was so all so reverent and all to honor a wonderful man. There was question on wither or not to take pictures on base but considering everyone else did I pulled out the camera and the pictures reflect the mood of the service. While we were waiting for the service to start at the funeral home I whispered to Bro. Texter one last time "God Bless You" and I could hear him (its written in my memory forever) "He Do" and now more then ever I'm sure Bro. Texter believes it. I don't know if it was just our family but it will be something that I'll always think of him when I hear "God Bless You"

Friday was a stress filled day for work but I made it through and took full advantage to working on Saturday and got 3/4 of my desk work cleared out in those 8 hrs. I walked down to the mall area to meet up with mom and Jes and got me a pair of pajama pants and a pair of socks to take with me for the trip. Hurried home to find something to wear and then it was off to enjoy our monthly youth night. It was laid back and so much fun.

All the youth came back to mom and dad's but Jes and I which I was slightly bummed about until my head hit the pillow and at that point it didn't matter anymore lol

Church was really good today. Dad preached on the Prodigal son coming home and how the father went running to him (reminds me of the song When God Ran by Philips Craig and Dean) but that even in the condition the son was in the father still knew him and welcomed him. He also brought out the fact that it took the son making the choice to give up pride and to go home. It was really good.

Then mom and I went in search of a tree. We came to the conclusion that going out and cutting one down would have been easier. I also decided that fake trees are so over priced. We did finally find a 6.5' tree that was in the price range we were looking for. I also found the perfect tree topper- its a snowflake star. *insert the puzzled looks now* I'll take a picture of it once its we have it all up (which will be after Thanksgiving :-P) I also found a few more ornaments. I can't wait to put them up and get it all decorated.

All in do time but first Thanksgiving.

53 hours before I head to the airport and a few more before the plane takes off.

Thats soon enough I can wait... I think...


Anonymous said...

jenna i have a few of your pictures posted on my blog go look at them

gracie said...

So that's why you haven't texted me! :P Well, I need to know asap when you're flying in on Wednesday because my Mom needs to let my Grandma Bunny know what time she'll be over there. She's going with me to pick you up! Or...I'm going with her to pick you up...


Momma Tammi said...

The pictures from the funeral were beautiful.

Have a great time in Arizona!