Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hitting Rewind...

I have some time now to post about my trip. I've given you a little here and there but thats all. So I'm just going to start from the beginning and share a few pictures. I have all the best ones from the trip on ringo. I know Sis. Smith doesn't like going there but in spite of the adds it is the easiest way to show everyone a mass amount of pictures. I think I've upload just over 200 of the 420 that I took. Now don't rush there if you think that includes the engagement pictures. They aren't there and won't be until I know that Grace and Paul and their family has seen them and then that is if they want to show more or have you all wait till the wedding ;-) haha


I left out Wednesday morning at 1:48am Alaska time. I feel asleep right away. I woke up to the announcement we were 17 minutes outside of Phoenix and to prepare for landing. I raised the window up and was greeted by a sight very foreign to me rolling dessert hills/mountains and a bright sun. Before I new it those hills (or mountains not sure) became the driest flattest land I've ever seen and then suddenly it was lush green and tall buildings.

My flight landed, got my luggage and waited briefly for the big red van hehe and was warmly greeted by the Shulars-( minus Bro. Shular that is )

With in no time I got to see palm trees and cactus which no doubt I was tickled by.

In case you are puzzled why there are no pictures yet that is because though I had my camera it had no memory card but we won't get into why that is :-P

After quickly dropping us girls off, we settled into make lunch and watch a movie while waiting for Paul to get off work.

Then Paul became my favorite person he took us to the mall. I did get to go shopping a little in TN but there was a lack of money present then. Even though I told Gracie not to allow me to shop it didn't last long.... it was killing me not being able to take pictures so we made a mad dash for a camera store and I paid way to much for such a small memory card but you got to do what ya got to do lol.

Now that that issue was fixed we walked into Dillards and if you go to my post from Sunday it explains the picture of Paul and Grace modeling the belts.

After Dillards we found the store that I told Gracie about that would have a few wedding things that would match their "theme" Paul quickly got side tracked by a HUGE PINK remote- the thing was hilarious lol- there was to many expensive things to touch and break so we moved on.

After a few more stops before heading home we took some pics outside before heading home and enjoying a yummy yummy dinner. Then they talked me into watching a movie that I feel asleep watching LOL

here's some pictures from shopping and that evening

The girls crashed in Grace's room and we chatted a little before going to bed......


gracie said...

I love all the pictures you have put up! It brings back memories. Ha ha! They still make me laugh just as hard as when they were first taken!

Vicki Smith said...

Thanks, Jenna, for going to the trouble to post pictures here for me. I really appreciate it. It looks and sounds like you had a really nice time in Arizona. Winter is DEFINITELY the time to visit there. The summers are not NEARLY so pleasant!
BTW, ADORABLE new template! CUTE!

cokelady said...

I appreciate it, too! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to get that many pictures posted. Don't think it's gone unnoticed--folks just don't comment like they used to. (I'm one of 'em!) Looks like you had SOOOOO much fun in Arizona. I looked at some of your pictures on Ringo and I was DYING over all of the "facial" pictures--especially the ones of the whole group on the stairs! HA! Those are just so great!!!

The Middle J said...

I'll never be able to explain how much of a good time I had. The pictures don't do it justice.

I'm getting use to people not commenting...Ive become VERY! bad at it myself but I read and I know others do as well and so as long as I know people are reading I'll keep posting :-)

Glad you all liked it- I couldn't not share the pictures for all to see.

Thanx Sis Smith- the template was just something quick but I actually kind of like the simplicity of it :D

Nancy-N-Noelle said...

We were so happy to be able to see pictures of Paul, Grace and everyone. We miss them so much! You did a beautiful job on the engagement photos! Thank you for sharing. I added you to our links in case there are more to come. :)
Pauls Mom