Saturday, December 01, 2007

Deck the Halls

Well if you've read mom's blog you know we went shopping. First stop was at Best Buy and I got to check out the number one thing on my Christmas list- iLife- which is software that contains the program iPhoto that organizes and edits my photos. It also has new features on it that allows me to do more with my photos.

Next it was on to a Bible book store that I didn't know that we had. Needless to say I wont be going to Barnes and Noble anymore for books. They had two and half walls packed full with books. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Picking up books and wishing money grew on trees. If I had my way I could lock myself in my apartment and read forever. LOL no one would hear from me which wouldn't be good.

I found this picture- well 3 pictures in one- there that I fell in love with- it had 3 of my favorite verses put together. If its still there after the Holidays then I'm going to get it. The only thing I have on my walls is the Love, Hope, Peace that Sis Becki got me. I want to rearrange my room and actually decorate it the way I want so I would like finally put something up.

After that it was to the mall to look for a dress for my Christmas party- its semi-formal so it was hard trying to find something modest and yet semi- formal without going to far towards formal. After trying all options I could think of and find I found a dress that not only will work for the party but its not crazy for me to wear again.

Now we are off to Bible study- its been a busy day- but I don't really mind.

Oh and don't fall over in shock- I got our laundry room clean and I got all my clothes together to do a laundry marathon. I was all excited until I went to do laundry and found that my laundry soap was gone- hmm

speaking of our apartment here is a few pics of our tree...we aren't done decorating yet and I think we maybe moving where the tree is and rearranging the living room ...we'll see


Kasey said...

awww thats pretty

The Middle J said...

Thanks!! It was so much fun decorating and there is so much more I want to do but I'm forcing myself to be content with what we've got or I'll end up spending way to much money. Actually I've spent way to much as it is and I can't allow myself to spend anymore lol... the Holidays are costly lol