Monday, June 09, 2008

Without Sounding Dramatic

I do believe I have never felt so sick before which I'm sure I have been but when you are doubled over in stomach pains you forget about all those other times that you've been sick.

It got so bad last night that at 3am I called my dad to come get me. There was nothing in the apartment other then tea and crackers and that seemed to make it worse. What an amazing dad I have. He gave me some asprine and 7up and a blanket I curled up on the couch still doubled over in pain but at somepoint in the night it eased enough for me to go to sleep and by morning it was back to this horrible cold.

I still have a cough that feels like its going to rip my body in pieces and normal body aches and I know I'll be able to breath through my nose again one day. I hope its nothing but getting better from here. I have to go to work tomorrow. I hate missing more then one day.