Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Good End

This week has rated on towards the top of the bad list but its been a great Saturday- Sunday. So Monday-Friday has been forgotten and I've enjoyed my weekend.

I had to work on Saturday but the reward was after I got off work. I got to enjoy true father daughter time. He treated me to Golden Corral and we ran some last minute errands and then went home, picked up the house and then chilled. It was the first time I relaxed all week.

I wanted to go to church so bad but wasn't sure if I could get everything done in time if I went into work later in the day. I got sooo much done in a short amount of time being the only one in the office. After 6 hrs I was able to call dad and let him know I was done. He was out to eat with the church members. I was bummed I missed fellowship I felt people deprived. I asked dad to ask if everyone wanted to come over for pizza. Dad said everyone would be over about 5pm. The time came and went so i figured no one was gonna come over. I ended up falling asleep and was woken by a knock. I was so happy Jeremy and Heather walked in, I ordered the pizza and Micah, Jackie, Josh walked in just in time for the pizza to arrive. We just chilled - there was tons of laughing over just the dumbest stuff. We watched some pre-season football, made fun of the local news and then a string of shows on Nickelodeon which brought on more laughs. Jeremy and Heather left and we realized how nice the weather was out side. About an hour ago Micah, Josh, Jackie and I headed out to the yard and played some volleyball until we had enough of being eaten at by the bugs.

Now we're sprawled out watching more Nickelodeon - right now its Home Improvement. My family is gone all safely on their way to the assembly or in North Carolina. I'm so happy not to be sitting in their house all by myself instead I've got friends all around me. I'm content.

A great end.