Monday, October 20, 2008

2 days down 3 to go

Today's driving went great- I didn't panic. I got to drive in lunch hour traffic and stayed calm :-) I have a great instructor. I got in the car and laughed. I was instantly comfortable- he reminds me of Bro Ray.

Thank you for your prayers. They are working :-)

I'll blog more tomorrow I'm so very tired and we've got business conference in a little bit.


Tammi said...

Yea! So happy for you. I'm guessing that your instructor is a bit of a cut up if he reminds you of Brother Ray.

Washington Okie said...

I'm so glad there are folks that know how to make folks laugh. That's one of my better traits :)

Way to goooooooo girl.

Bro. Ray

J Nowling said...

LOL. It's funny how you both took the likeness to Brother Ray as a sense of humour...I think she saw tender, fatherly persona. That's what she needed on the road.

Jenna isn't just like our Lord to give you an instructor you could "relate" to.

The Middle J said...

Actually he really wasn't a cut up- he looks a lot like you Bro Ray (i'm sure something will be said about you being the better looking one hehe) He has the same laid back personality that makes people comfortable but yet still THE instructor.

It was the biggest answer to pray- he understood my nerves and quickly found away to get my mind off them even when I thought I was still nervous because thats what I was use to he pointed out I no longer had a death grip on the wheel :-)

Tammi said...

Now that is really funny! My husband was so stressed when the boys were learning to drive in Okinawa, that he quit and I had to do it. I'm glad your instructor is NOT like my husband in that regard. It is nice though that he reminds you of someone that puts you at ease so that you can concentrate on driving rather than the nerves.