Monday, October 20, 2008

Life Size Snow Globe

Another snowy DayA break in the snow - maybe fall is still here
Fall Meets Winter
Again a beautiful snowy day- Being downtown with all the tall buildings you it really feels like you are part of a snow glob when the flakes fall so softly like this

Here you can see how big the snow flakes were that morning- yes this is morning about 8ish on the Sunday of convention. I love how you can see that it is snowing all around but I caught just one in detail. I wish I could say thats just how talented I am but I do believe it was by chance- even though that was what I was attempting lol

It was snowing so softly that it looked not only like a winter wonderland but like it was a winter scene in a snow globe. I tired to figure out how to capture the snow falling but everything just blended together.


cokelady said...

Love the snow pictures, Jenna! Especially the first one and the one of that giant flake against the dark sky. So neat!

jessa said...

I like the holly picture!!

J Nowling said...

LOL Jessa they're mountain berries...they sure would pass as holly though.

jessa said...

oh okay...... =)lol