Friday, October 17, 2008

Enough With The Change Already

So its been a week- don't have an adjective to describe it. The revival was great but do due to a stressful week it made coming from work to church really hard there were a couple times the flesh def. wanted to fall asleep. lol But oh how I enjoyed the fellowship. Having Isaiah and Nate here for the convention and Nathan stayed for the revival. Then Wed night we got to fellowship with Jeremy and Heather. Just when I thought they maybe getting some sleep- Jeremy arrived at church looking like rather sleep deprived.We learned that Miss Lillian has a more then healthy set of lungs hehe. Its hard to imagine that little angel keeping her parents awake she is so content at church. I've only really heard her cry once. I offered to feed Lillian so Heather could finish her meal and half expected Lillian not to be happy about that but she quickly made herself comfortable in my arms, enjoying her bottle and making the cutest noises and faces. :-) Its been a couple years sense we've had a baby around that I didn't realize how much I missed it. Makes me excited for when I get to be an aunt (no time soon though) You get to love on them and spoil them but then give the little angels back when their horns come out. lol JUST KIDDING

This week also held several opportunities for me to take pictures other then those taken of the Convention/Revival. The week started with the town looking like a winter wonder land- today a beautiful sunny fall day but winter is def. trying to come.

So on to the title/subject of my post. Sunday starts my drivers training- as ya'll know HUGE change. Hopefully in the week or two to come buying a new car- HUGE change- well to my finances anyway. Oh and I've changed jobs -WHAT! part of me feels like I've lost my mind but its something that I prayed about it when the opportunity came up and as the days have gone on I'm seeing it was the right choice. I'm still working for the same company and actually I'm still even working in the same company just moving desks. On Wednesday one of my co-workers up and quite and walked off the job. People were poking jokes at me about taking her job- my response was uh NO- but then as i thought about it and prayed about it i got excited about it. I'll no longer be handling the Athletic Club but now instead handling all Corporate Accounts and the Accounting for all Corporate Events that takes place at the hotel. Less accounts to handle, more money to handle and more contact with the Executives of the hotel. The last part didn't scare me but hindered me from making the choice sooner. Today I found out there should have been no reason to worry. I found out how much I'm respected and that others are actually excited about this change. My Mission Field just got bigger :-)

I don't know what the Lord has in store for me I know this will come as a blessing at least financially- one of the things I did ask for as part of the change was a raise in pay- I stated how much I wanted but will be more then happy with half that.

Im ready for all the change to end but I know its just now beginning.

The first picture was from Sunday morning- the snow flakes were so large that it was awesome to get it in the picture and the one of the car is a 2006 Chevy Cobalt its this beautiful steel blue color- Im hoping to get it next weekend. All depends on passing the drivers test on Thursday and the bank giving the ok on Sat. maybe hopefully I want me freedom.


Vicki Smith said...

Congrats on the new job! And I'll be awaiting a photo posted here showing you behind the wheel of your new car! :-)

J Nowling said...

Honey, change is tough sometimes especially when it seems so much is hitting at once. But like I sang Wednesday night, He never changes. You can be secure in Him as He is always there for you if you allow Him to be.

I love the car...will I get to drive it some time.

Love ya.

cokelady said...

LOVE THE SNOW PICTURE! That is sooooo pretty!!!

I'm sure the job change will work out great for you--I'll pray for God to bless you and use you in your new position. ;-)

Good luck with the driving test--you'll do FINE! JUST RELAX!!! :-)

~LaeLae~ said...

my husband has a Malibu in that color. Nice car.

Tammi said...

Love the snow pic. Congrats on the promo. Nice car.

Can you see me sticking my bottom lip out and pouting cause you got to cuddle with my angel baby and I'm so far away? ~grin~ I miss her so badly. BTW...Jeremy and Heather aren't halucinating...Lilli has a serious set of lungs and can wail loud enough to wake up anyone sleeping on a cot in the basement. That very night, after you held her...she kept her mommy up until 4:00...her days and nights are scrambled, so seriously, please be praying that she gets unscrambled so Jeremy and Heather (especially Heather) can get some much needed sleep.

The Middle J said...

after I posted I remembered your blog and I was like :( Im going to make her miss her even more. Oh I believe you that she can cry something fierce just haven't heard it. Having seen Jeremy and Heather looking so tired I've been praying for them. Heather mentioned how messed up Lillian's sleep schedule was.

Thank You all for your encouragement on driving- the in class went good and at this moment I dont fill nervous about tomorrow. I'll blog later and throw in more winter wonder land pics.

Lae- I've looked at a few mailbu's too and I like them- one of the first things I said I either wanted red or steel blue looks like I may get my wish

Tammi said...

That's okay. I would rather read about her on your blog and really miss her than not hear anything at all since her father is way too busy with school and work and well...Heather is sort of busy with Lilli. ~smile~

I'm glad that you aren't feeling so are going to do fine.