Sunday, October 05, 2008

First Snow of the Year

I woke up with a horrible headache this morning and after working on the mission board I gave up the fight and laid down for a nap. Suddenly I hear from Mom its white out. I flew off the couch and sure enough it was not was the ground white but the snow was still coming down. I grabbed my camera from the bag- so thankful that I took Sis Tammi's advice about leaving a lens on the camera so that its ready at all times- and headed out the door. My shoes were not winter shoes, and my sweat pants are several inches two long so I was fighting walking on them but none of that matter its was SNOWING and I wanted pictures. hehe

My pants are in the dryer now and my shoes are wet :-}

But I got a couple pictures before I was soaked. Also I got rather annoyed with constantly whipping off the lens as the snow fell on it. Thus nothing impressive for pictures- but I posted so you could still see. One may call it snow because it turned the ground white but it really was just slush lol.


Vicki Smith said...

I love it! And if there was that much white here, it would be considered a BIG SNOW! :-P

cokelady said...